Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Hot In Oaklyn

Kicked off a quick morning with breakfast and Sailor Moon R. Esmeraude, the third-in-command of the evil Dark Moon Kingdom with the annoying laugh, takes over their attempts at corrupting the Earth in "Magic of Darkness: Esmeraude's Invasion." Her attempts to blend in lead her to a bakery, where Usagi is also indulging after getting jealous over Chibi-Usa being clingy with Mamoru. When Esmeraude brings in a monster who attacks the Guardians, they have to fight icing with fire to get rid of it. 

Rushed off to work even before the episode ended. Spent the morning alternating between sweeping inside and pushing carts outside. I did do some sweeping later, even after more help arrived, but I mainly spent the afternoon gathering the outside recycling (one of the teens did the trash) and pushing those carts. Dark clouds gathered later in the day, and the wind picked up, but they never burst. It remained killer hot and sticky humid, even as I rode home.

After picking up my new work pants on the way in, I decided I was too hungry to not start with dinner. Watched Match Game '78 while eating leftovers. Hot Lou Grant reporter Robert Walden made his first appearance on the show here, joining Loretta Swit, Mary Wickes, Richard Paul, and the regulars. Brett's happy to be sitting next to him, but not as much when she has to do a 10,000 Head-to-Head for "__ Sale."

Worked on writing for a while after the episode ended. Sir Richard Dawson, the White Knight, rides up to Brett shortly after the Cheshire Catwoman vanishes. He too is on his way to the Mad Tea Party. The Mad Hatter and March Hare are messengers for the Queen and King of Hearts. He's hoping they'll be able to help him convince the royal duo to join his own boss, the White King Gene and Queen Helen, in stopping the Red King from taking over the Wonderlands. 

Broke for a bath around 7:30. I badly needed this. Even after having been home for a couple of hours, I was still sweaty and hot. Not to mention, I've worked 7 days without a break. I needed something to relax. Kicked back, listened to modern jazz singers, and read a book on optimism and the glass being half-full.

Finished the night online with Hart to Hart. It's "One Hart Too Many" in the fourth season when Jennifer spends the weekend at a health farm for women, only to discover the head doctor is murdering socialites and replacing them with look-a-likes to get their inheritances. Jonathan gets his drag on and poses as a rich countess to lend his wife a hand in figuring out what they've done with the bodies. 

(Oh, and by the still hasn't rained, stormed, or done anything besides be windy at press time. And along with my work pants, my new Shark watch also showed up today. I badly needed a new watch. The old one had a scratched face and a non-adjustable strap with worn Velcro that kept coming apart. I splurged and bought a nice Shark watch with an adjustable neon clip strap instead.)

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