Thursday, June 03, 2021

Cleaning Day

Started off a gloomy, humid morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Daniel's looking forward to his "Tiger Family Trip" to Grandpere's house. He, his parents, and his baby sister Margaret see many interesting sights along the way, including a dinosaur playground and a butterfly garden. The fun doesn't end when they arrive. Grandpere takes Daniel on a treasure hunt and lets him pilot his ship while making an early morning excursion to a waterfall with a rainbow over it. 

Switched to Match Game '76 while making the bed and changing the sheets and blanket for my summer cotton blankets and summer-weight quilt. The first episode had Charles showing off his "beauty mark" made with his writing marker for a question. The second had tiebreakers that went on for so long, there was no Super Match or Head-to-Head in the episode. 

Spent the next two hours cleaning the apartment. I'm not doing really heavy cleaning again until I have some idea of when I'm moving. I scrubbed the bathroom and the kitchen, vacuumed quickly, and dusted around everything. The last-named was especially important, thanks to all the pollen blown in last month. 

Watched Fame on Watch TCM as I worked and had a banana-chocolate smoothie for lunch. I go further into the original version of this story of the hopes and dreams of the students at the New York High School of the Performing Arts in my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Switched to Super Password as the movie ended. Patty Duke and Fred Grandy had a lot of trouble with at least two Password Puzzles...the second of which Bert Convy claimed to have no trouble with at all. The late Helen Reddy came back to win Tattletales today with her then-husband, music producer Jeff Wald, over comedians Totie Fields and George Johnston and former game show host Jan Murray and his wife Toni. Whammies flew like crazy in the second round of Press Your Luck. In the end, the one woman just barely beat the champ and took home a trip and a stereo for her trouble. 

Worked on writing for a while. Brett follows a fish footman who looks an awful lot like Jack Narz to a fancy Victorian home in the middle of the woods. He's greeted by his frog footman brother Tom Kennedy. Brett finds their formal exchanges of invitations to play croquet with Queen Betty of Hearts rather amusing. What isn't funny is all the screaming and noise and pepper and crockery being flung out the door and windows...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Had eggs and asparagus while enjoying more Match Game '76. Gene kicks off with a spoof of Ron Pallilo's regular show Welcome Back, Kotter as his panelists announce "welcome back, Rayburn!" Later, the contestant seemed to have real rapport with Charles, choosing him twice for the Head-to-Head. 

Match Game PM returned to 1979 as I mixed a Hot Fudge Pudding Cake. We see Helen Rayburn, Gene's wife of 50 years, cheering her beloved husband on in the opening sequence. Later, there's jokes about what you play at a really strange party, and Charles helps a man win $20,000 with "Plaza __."

Sale of the Century celebrated New Year's week 1988 with another close game. The champ was behind until mid-way through. She just barely won the Speed Round...but this time, she had no trouble at all with the Bonus Round and got the money with time to spare. 

Finished the night online with some random weirdness of the 80's and 90's. "Quest of the Delta Knights" is one of the few 90's movies spoofed on Mystery Science Theater 3000. This obviously low-budget sword and sorcery adventure is so ripe for wisecracks, even evil overlord Pearl insists on getting in on the fun during the first twenty minutes or so.

The Love Boat did some spoofing of its own during its last season. Gopher watches a World War II movie marathon with the captain and Doc and imagines himself into a "Forties Fantasy." The Captain is now in charge of a Naval troop carrier, and the ladies are USO members. Charro is somehow a Nazi spy in league with a very familiar German. (I guess they had to sneak Bernie Koppel's Siegfried accent in there somewhere.) Meanwhile, a USO performer (Erin Moran) keeps trying to spend time with her sailor husband, Vicki is dying to take Charo's place and become a star, and a 4 F friend of Issac's (Nathan Cook) wants to take his place and get into combat. 

(Oh, and the rain didn't finally arrive until during the game shows. It rained hard and made noise while Sale of the Century was on...but to my knowledge, it hasn't rained since.)

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