Friday, June 18, 2021


Kicked off the morning with breakfast and Body Language. Came in for the second half of the episode, just as Betty White's contestant won. White's normally a great game show player, but unfortunately, they ended up being disqualified from the bonus round due to using props. 

They had slightly more luck on Blockbusters. The young woman and uncle/nephew pair went back and forth the entire episode. One would get a round, then the pair did. It took so long and moved so slowly, they never did get to the Gold Run in this episode. 

Switched to DVD for Hogan's Heroes while doing the dishes, making the bed, and doing things around the apartment. Started with the first season episode "The Flight of the Valkyre," or tried to. The first appearance of annoying British officer Colonel Crittendon (Bernard Fox) must have gotten scratched when it popped out of the case. The episode kept breaking up on me. 

Moved on to "The Late Inspector General," which worked fine. Colonel Klink is thrilled when he gets a promotion to run all the prisoner of war camps in Germany. The guys most definitely are not. After all, they might not be able to con another general. The five do everything they can to make Klink look bad in the eyes of his superiors. (Or at least worst than he usually does.)

(Incidentally, I intend to buy more slim DVD cases during the Amazon Prime Day sales this weekend. The huge clear cases used for full-series sets like Heroes and the one I have coming next month, WKRP In Cincinatti, don't seem to hold the discs very well. They tend to fall out when you open them.) 

Went into Match Game '76 while getting organized. Loretta Swit of MASH made her first appearance on the show since 1974, prompting a welcome kiss from Gene. Meanwhile, Betty White was of course the only one who answered "dog" to a question about whom the farmer married, Richard Dawson helps out a funny older lady (whose orange outfit matched the set) with the Head-to-Head, and big George Kennedy had a rare miss on a question.

Headed out after the episode ended. Though the laundromat was busy, I still needed to get my small load done. Strolled down to Family Dollar while it tumbled in the washer. They had the cans of mandarin oranges I wanted, but not much suntan lotion. I'll have to get that at the Acme tomorrow. Worked on story notes while everything was in the dryer.

Ran more Hogan's Heroes while I put the laundry away. Hogan and the guys learn the hard way that there's "One In Every Crowd" when American prisoner Jack Williams offers to exchange information for his freedom. They pin their latest act of sabotage on him to get the Germans to arrest him for good.

It was too nice for me to stay inside for long. The sun shined brightly, the sky was a brilliant blue, and while it was a bit warmer, it remained breezy and dry. Besides, I felt like celebrating. I survived two crazy work weeks, and the local kids just had their last day of school for the summer. Bought a slice of cheese and a slice of broccoli-tomato-ricotta from Phillies Phatties and ate it on the patio, watching girls chatter about the end of the school year and their friends and getting together later.

The Puddin' Palace replaced The Square Meal in the business district on West Clinton Avenue a few weeks ago. I've been wanting to try them, but I haven't had the time, and they sold out last weekend. The Square Meal's semi-rustic mis-matched tables and chairs were replaced by a clean white-and-silver wood-and-metal look. 

As you can guess, pudding is on the menu, every kind of pudding possible, from Sweet Cream to Red Velvet and Strawberry. I treated myself to one of the "deluxe" cups of Strawberry Shortcake, which I ate at their new metal picnic benches. Vanilla pudding with real strawberry slices mixed with strawberry crumble over strawberry-white cake. Yum! Too decadent to have all the time, but as a special treat, it was amazing. Creamy, rich, smooth, sweet. 

Went home after that and into the pool. That's something else I've wanted to do, but haven't had the chance due to work. I was hoping to get it to myself, but a couple of neighbors and their daughters were there. I still swam for a half-hour, enjoying the relaxing warm waters.

Press Your Luck was on when I got in and dried off. The first half was surprisingly quiet, with everyone winning money and only one Whammy. Things picked up considerably in the second half. The two women both hit Whammies hard, leaving the one guy to pick up a trip to the Grand Canyon and a ton of money.

Worked on writing for a while after that. Brett's annoyed initially when Charles the Mad Hatter insults her hair. She starts to enjoy herself more after a few blackberry cordials and watching Charles and Orson the March Hare explain why it's not a good idea to put butter in a watch, even if you are friends with time.

Broke for a quick smoothie dinner at 6:30. Betty White, Mary Ann Mobley, and Dick Gautier joined Gene and the regulars for the evening Match Game '76. While they all make jokes about where egg landed on when Humpty Dumpty had an affair, Brett and Betty exchange witticisms, and everyone admires a contestant's massive Afro.

Gary Burghoff took Charles' place on Match Game PM tonight. He and Vega$ hunk Bart Braverman make jokes about what a geisha girl wears when she walks on your back and where George has a giant thumb. Meanwhile, Bill Daily is more nervous than usual when he has to help the contestant win $10,000 with "__ Rub." 

Sale of the Century finished their Varsity Week with an all-around swimmer and diver, another volleyball player, and a runner. This time, the swimmer bought both Instant Bargains and won the Speed Round hands-down. He had more trouble with the Bonus Round...but he did hit the right number to win the tournament and get the jeep and a trip to Seoul, South Korea for the 1988 Summer Olympics. 

Finished the night online with Pee Wee's Big Adventure at Tubi. Pee Wee (Paul Reubens) loves his amazing, tricked-out red bike more than anything else, including his girlfriend Dottie (EG Daily). When a spoiled neighbor (Mark Holton) steals his bike, then sells it, he tracks it down from the Alamo to the real Warner Bros Studio in Culver City. He meets a lot of crazy, kooky, and even kind folks on his journey, people who remind him to follow his dream no matter what, even if it's just getting back his most treasured possession.

God, this movie is weird. You can tell it was the first big-screen assignment for Tim Burton. My sisters and I loved it when it turned up frequently on cable in the mid-late 80's. Nowadays, it's a bit much for me to really love, but there's enough I liked that I'm glad I saw it again, including Rubens' and Daily's pitch-perfect performances. If you're down with Reubens' style of child-like lunacy and Burton's grotesque in-your-face madness, you might still find a lot to enjoy here.

Went to The Love Boat on Paramount Plus for a trip on calmer waters. Kleptomaniac Maggie (Joan Van Ark) falls for a handsome psychiatrist (Stephan Keep), but can't figure out why he avoids her after they have a wonderful night together in "She Stole His Heart." "The Return of the Captain's Ne'r Do Well Brother" brings back Steubing's charming brother Marshall (Gavin McLeod) who is set to marry a silver heiress (Arlene Dahl), if his old flame (Zsa Zsa Gabor) doesn't get in the way. It's "Swag and Mag" when a tough-guy TV star (Ron Ely) tries to impress his agent (Erin Gray) and Vicki by taking on a belligerent passenger (William Boyett). 

Jumped all the way back to the first season for a "Family Reunion." A wife (Dori Brenner) traveling with her camera-obsessed husband (Robert Hayes) is crushed to discover her adored father (Bob Crane), who was believed lost at sea, is really a perpetually drunk scoundrel of a ship steward. Honeymooners (John Rubenstein and Kathy Bates) find their trip "Too Hot to Handle" when everything that can go wrong, does. A supermarket assistant manager (Bruce Solomon) finds himself in a "Cinderella Story" with the help of the crew when they pass him and his wife (Judy Luciano) off as rich advertising executives. 

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