Friday, June 25, 2021

A Breezy Day In the Neighborhood

Began another beautiful morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Season 2 kicks off with "Hogan Gives a Birthday Party." Hogan and the boys intend to use a stolen German plane to bomb an oil refinery. Things go sideways when not only are they visited by a particularly obnoxious German general, but he's the one who shot Hogan down. He claims to know every move he makes...but maybe the last thing he's expecting is for his men to be incredibly loyal to him.

Switched to Blockbusters while doing the dishes. They're back around to the episodes with the mother-daughter team who decimated all comers. They made short work of the handsome fellow in the first few rounds, then the mother breezed through the Gold Run without missing a single question. They were mid-way doing the same to a woman when the show ended.

Listened to one of my K-Tel albums while getting organized before heading out for the first errand of the day. Decided to do my grocery shopping today instead of after work tomorrow and avoid rush-hour traffic. Took advantage of many sales and online coupons to pick up cherries, eggs, bananas, ice cream, zucchini, and peaches. Bought cherry-flavored dried cranberries for a recipe later. Restocked whole wheat flour, yogurt, brown sugar, milk, blueberries, and ground turkey. And no wonder I had today off. They were dead the entire time I was there, with no line at the express lane. 

When I got home, I did another second season Hogan's episode while putting everything away, and then as I made a Summer Berry-Banana Smoothie for lunch. Klink is the one in trouble when Burkhalter catches him plotting to take over and threatens him with the firing squad. Hogan and the boys become "The Schultz Brigade" to keep Klink from getting into worse trouble.

Went right back out after the episode ended. The laundry needed to be done. It must have been busy earlier; I barely got the last small front washer with the short time. Went to Family Dollar for mandarin oranges, pads, and a Baja Blast while the washer was going, but it didn't take long. Spent the rest of the time inside and out, working on story notes. It was too nice to stay inside for long! For now, at least, it remains sunny, breezy, and dry, if a tad hotter than yesterday, into the lower 80's. 

Heard giggling from the pool when I got home. As soon as I put the laundry away, I changed into my bathing suit and joined them. Rose and two of the neighborhood moms watched over Khai, Finley, Khai's friend Chloe, and another girl as they swam on noodles and ducked to the bottom to retrieve mermaid and squirting turtle toys. I first relaxed on a huge black and blue inner tube, then joined Finley and the girls to play with the turtles. Jodie brought out enormous crullers from McMillan's Bakery in Westmont for a treat.

(Oh, and it sounds like Jodie's trying to get work on repaving the driveway started Monday. Oaklyn's apparently giving her the devil of a time about it, including needing surveys and permits.)

After I got in and changed into dry clothes, I worked on writing. Everyone is happily dancing and singing again when Brett hears the pounding of horse hooves. Richard, his boys, and the Card Guards pull out their swords to protect the others, but Charles and Orson continue drinking their tea, and Gary the Doormouse passes out all together. 

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made turkey burgers, pasta, and baked zucchini fries while watching Match Game '76. Gene's glad to have his door repaired after he broke through it during the start of the previous episode, and he's even happier when a pretty contestant breaks a tie and turns to Richard for "__ Polo." Brett was even more nervous when she had to help a contestant win 20,000 with "__ Do You Do" on Match Game PM.

Pulled Lemon Cherry-Cranberry Cookies out of the oven while Sale of the Century ran. We had another close game, with everyone buying or winning something and no one really that ahead of anyone else. The champ didn't pull ahead until a stellar Speed Round. She once again decided she didn't want the camper and would come back tomorrow. 

Finished the night online after a shower with Charlie's Angels. Kelly and Kris are "Marathon Angels" in the third season when two runners in an all-woman marathon go missing hours before the big race. While they follow their replacements, Sabrina and Bosley follow the girls and call Charlie to ask about a sheikh's daughter who is also running in the race. 

Sophia on The Golden Girls is also competing in a race, in this case a local walk-a-thon. While she enters the 80 and over race, the others babysit for the children of the competitors. They're more than a little concerned when the father of the smallest baby girl doesn't come back for her. Blanche, who never got along well with her own children, is almost-hoping for another chance to prove she can be a good mother in "And Then There Was One."

Sports of another kind figure into the first season Designing Women episode "Grand Slam, Thank You Ma'am." Suzanne is furious when she finds out her baseball star ex-husband Jack claims to have made love with his fans behind her back in his latest book. She storms into the locker rooms to get revenge, only to learn he may have embellished the truth a tad for the publisher. 

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