Monday, June 07, 2021

Hot Time In the Late Spring

Began the morning with breakfast and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. Katerina Kittycat is upset when Daniel's baby sister Margaret prefers playing with her brother over her. Mrs. Tiger and Katerina's mother Henrietta encourage her to "Find What Makes Your Family Special." She loves the time her mom spends with her, especially dancing! It's "Family Day" at the library. Each kid makes a branch and draws leaves representing their family members and what makes them special. Daniel has to figure out what makes his family special.

Switched to Paramount Plus to try something from Nickelodeon. Went with the first episode of Paw Patrol. I've run into this one while hanging with my niece and nephew, but never on my own. "Pups Make a Splash" when they help Cap'n Turbot get his boat away from rocks and fix the leaking hole, despite Rocky the Recycling Pup's dislike of water. "Pups Save the Fall Festival" when snow threatens and they help a farmer get her crops in before they freeze. Chase the Police Pup isn't sure what he can do, until he realizes the other pups need a little traffic directing.

Hurried out as soon as the cartoon ended. Badly needed to get to the laundromat today. I had work clothes that needed to be done, and the linens and sheets were in there, too. Bought sugar, soap, and dishwashing liquid at Family Dollar, then treated myself to a Blueberry Pomegranate Smoothie and a pretzel for lunch at WaWa. I barely had the time when I got home to put almost everything away, change into regular work clothes, grab a snack, and hurry off.

The Acme was busy when I arrived, but it slowed down pretty fast after that. For one thing, it was hot as heck today, sunny and likely in the lower-mid 90's. For another, we're between holidays. Father's Day is late this year, and most local high schools probably won't be doing graduation until next week or the week after. Cleaned up a mess inside and brought in the outside trash and recycling, but I mainly swept the store, gathered carts, and drank a lot of water. 

Changed as soon as I got home and put on Match Game '76 while eating leftovers for dinner. Brett started off by tattling about Charles eating and drinking on the set, something Gene scolded him for doing. Tom Poston (later of Newhart) has more fun actually managing to match, while Charles is pleased to help a contestant with the answer to "__ American." 

Worked on writing for an hour after that. Brett's only slightly surprised to discover the Cheshire Cat in a tree. Not only does she grin, but that grin resembles the one belonging to former Catwoman and Miss America Lee Merriweather. Lee asks Brett about the baby-turned-pig, but Brett's more interested in asking her about the Red King and where her sons are.

Finished the night online after a shower with Aaron Spelling romances, starting with a season one episode of Fantasy Island. Fred Staunton is "The Common Man," who is walked on by his wife Florence (Julie Cobb), his spoiled son Arnold (Kevin King Cooper), and especially his demanding mother-in-law (Nancy Walker). All he wants is peace, quiet, and their respect. Process server Stanley Schenecker (Don Knotts) wants to be a private detective, but runs into "Trouble, My Lovely" when a gorgeous blonde (Lynda Day George) leads him to a case of double-dealing and murder.

The mystery on The Love Boat is less action-packed and more sad. Captain Stubling wants to figure out why his good friend Laura Hayes (Rue McClanahan) has a black eye, and what's going on with her overly jealous husband (Dick Van Patten) in "Let Me Count the Ways." Aunt Sylvia (Carol Channing) and her friend Betsy (Betty White) are back, this time pursuing a handsome book publisher (Caesar Romero) to release "Authoress! Authoress!" Betsy's memoirs. Alan Price (Alan Thicke) wants to pay "No More Alimony" to his ex-wife Sheila (Michelle Phillips) and tries to encourage her marriage to Lou (Fred Willard)...until he realizes what Lou's really like. 

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