Saturday, June 19, 2021

Dodging the Rain

Awoke to a slightly sunny morning. I did oversleep a bit, but not to the degree of yesterday. Had enough time for a non-rushed breakfast and a fourth season episode of Hogan's Heroes. "The Missing Klink" is the wrong target of kidnappers with the French Resistance. Hogan and the guys have to convince the Germans he's actually worth saving, before either the Resistance or the Gestpo shoot him in the back.

Hurried off to work after the episode ended. Today was the first of three cashiering days in a row...and for a holiday weekend, it could have been a lot worse. We were off and on steady all day, never overwhelmingly busy. First of all, like I told a lot of customers, most people are probably celebrating Juneteeth and Father's Day by heading for the Shore. Second, if they're not at the Shore, they're at graduation parties. Third, the weather wasn't great, sticky, cloudy, hot, and humid. It was still slow enough by 4 that I was able to shut down with no relief.

Did my grocery shopping when I got off. Grabbed molasses, two small boxes of bamboo tissues, and more honey peanut butter off the clearance racks. Most suntan lotions are buy one, get one or half-off. I went with two of the Acme's generic "dry rub" lotion. Had online coupons for mouthwash, yogurt, butter, grapes, and a donut. Found lobster cakes for dinner on a good sale, and blackberries on an even better one. Restocked apples, bananas, spinach, milk, and vanilla extract. 

My schedule next week is fairly similar to this week. Same Tuesday and Friday off, even more hours. Later days on Sunday and Monday, but at least I am off Tuesday, when we're supposed to get a major storm.

Speaking of storms, it did finally rain around when I finished up my shift. By the time I'd done my grocery shopping and headed home, the rain had slowed down to a gentle sprinkle that barely made me damp. It did pick up a little bit, but by then, I was rounding the corner onto Hillcrest. The rain died shortly after I got home, and to my knowledge, hasn't been seen since.

Returned to Hogan's Heroes while changing and putting everything away. The only way the boys can find out about "Operation: Hannibal" is through a general's daughter, who's been feeding London information. Thing is, she won't give them that info unless they guarantee her father will be safe and not find out what she's up to. 

Worked on writing for a little while after I got everything organized. The boys think the unsolvable "raven-writing desk" riddle is hilarious, as do the Mad Hatter and March Hare. After a couple of snifters of blackberry cordial, Brett's starting to see the humor, too, even if she's not happy about Charles insulting her hair. 

Broke for dinner at 7. Had the lobster cakes and leftover asparagus while watching Three Smart Girls. I go further into Deanna Durbin's first feature-length film at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Finished the night at Tubi with some spooky Fantasy Island. As lovely as fantasy can be, it can also be frightening, as we learn in this third season episode. Professor Alan Briar (George Maharis) wants nothing more than "Aphrodite," the perfect woman. He thinks he finds her when a statue (Britt Ekland) of the goddess comes to life, but she's more likely to drive men to madness than to perfection. Meanwhile, psychlogist Dr. Elisbeth Griffin (Rosemary Forsyth) takes a potion that unleashes her wild side in "Dr. Jeckyl and Miss Hyde" in order to figure out why her younger sister (Maureen McCormick) is in love with a man who preys on women. 

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