Thursday, June 17, 2021

Rushed Day

The alarm went off at 7. I turned over, closed my eyes for five minutes...and the next time I looked it, the clock said 7:53. Yikes! I had to work at 8:30! I rushed breakfast, changing into my work uniform, and packing lunch as fast I could. Dashed out the door and made it work just in time.

Work was the same as yesterday...which is to say, it started out all right. Once again, the weather was glorious, sunny, breezy, and just warm enough. I spent the morning rounding up the trash and recycling, sweeping the store, and pushing carts. I did get stuck in a register once, but only to go in for someone's break. Things didn't get crazy until after lunch. Then, they suddenly wanted me to do everything at once - clean the bathrooms, put away cold items, sweep the store, clean up messes - which meant the carts ended up empty. I had no help at all this time, either. The head bagger was a cashier today; the evening bagger came in as I left. Thank goodness I was able to spend the last hour refilling them. 

Dashed out as fast as possible when 4 PM hit. Even though Nicholson Road was busy with people heading home from work or to Audubon Crossings for shopping, I still took the long way home. It was too nice not to at least enjoy some of the weather. Those huge storms may have disrupted a lot of things around here, but they've sure helped the flora. The trees and grass are emerald green again, and the roses gleam in Technicolor shades of red, pink, peach, and lavender. 

Put on an episode of Hogan's Heroes when I got home while I changed, had a snack, and got organized. Hogan convinces Klink to "Color the Luftwaffe Red" when he insists on him and his boys painting their new headquarters. Kinch wants to plant bugs...but things get more complicated when Hogan grabs a top-secret map and Schultz insists on taking them into town for beer.

Went online after the episode ended to do some writing. The Doormouse (Gary Burghoff) pops his head out of the tea pot long enough for Orson the March Hare to remind him that they have other guests. He retrieves Brett's sons Adam and David, who ended up there while looking for their mother. Brett's thrilled to see them again. She wants to take them home, but they're hungry, so Brett figures it wouldn't hurt to stick around a little longer for tea sandwiches...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Made egg salad with spring vegetables while watching Match Game '76. Gene and Brett happily encourage a female contestant who insists that she might be the first woman president someday. Interestingly, the Audience Match question is "Ladies ___."

Dick Martin takes Charles' place in a Match Game PM episode from 1979. Gene decides to sit in Brianne Leary's lap while reading a question for Bill Daily, which doesn't amuse Brianne one bit! Brianne has even less luck with the Audience Match "The Red __." 

Varsity Week continues on Sale of the Century. This time, we had a girl swimmer and a boy and girl cheerleader. The female cheerleader picked up both Instant Bargains, jumped ahead in the Speed Round, and won the Bonus Round with time to spare.

As I closed the curtains in my bedroom, I heard voices laughing outside, just under the window. Jodie apparently recruited the neighbors to help her weed the garden in front of my bedroom. Some of those weeds were half-way up the window! They were just trying to cut them down as I closed the curtains and hit the bathroom for my shower.

(And I don't know why Jodie didn't ask me to do the weeding. I used to help Mom when I was a kid. I would have helped her.)

Finished the night with Two Sisters from Boston at TCM. I go further into this nostalgic tale about a woman from a strict Boston family who ends up singing in a Bowery dive at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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