Monday, June 21, 2021

Summer's Off to a Hot Start

Started off my day with breakfast and a fourth season episode of Hogan's Heroes. Klink wonders "Who Stole My Copy of Mein Kampf?" when Hogan tries to retrieve a code book from his office. Not only is he able to get it back, but he learns that Klink will be receiving an award from a propaganda director on the radio. Turns that they're supposed to kill the propaganda director...but they're less happy about that when they learn the director is a very attractive woman (Ruta Lee). 

Worked on writing for a while after I ate. The boys are more impressed than the adults when Charles tells Brett not to talk about beating Time. Time is a him, and he knows him...or did. He didn't appreciate his singing and murdering time at a concert. Brett climbs onto the table top with him for a performance to demonstrate.

Broke for a quick fruit and yogurt lunch at 11. Ran an episode of the current Muppet Babies while I ate. Fozzie's worried that newcomer Rowlf might be "The Best, Best Friend" when Kermit gets along very well with him. He first tries to compete with him to win Kermit back, then imitate him. The kids are "Counting Kermits" when he asks Bunsen and Beaker to make clones of him, so he can play with everyone. Bunsen's machine ends up making way too many clones, spreading Kermit too thin and making him understand the value of the word "no." 

Headed out shortly after the episode ended. It was a little less busy at work today, but not that much. People are still stocking up for their kids being home, and many may be worried about the storms we're supposed to have tomorrow. There's a lot of people using the WIC Checks for families with infants and young children, too, and they take time to do. Not to mention, though it was sunny, hot, and humid when I went to work, clouds began moving in around 5:30-6 PM. By the time I dashed out, it was still humid, but also windier and a lot darker. 

(By the way, I made it home just in time. It started raining about 20 minutes after I got in and has rained and thundered off and on ever since.)

Came in time for the second half of Match Game PM. Season 4 in 1979 ended with Marcia Wallace, Joe Santos of The Rockford Files, Dick Martin, and Elaine Joyce joining Gene and the regulars for jokes about what the astronauts want for recreational equipment and what instrument would put Dolly Parton in pain. Dick Martin ends up having to help a young man with the 10,000 Head-to-Head question "Off and __."

For some reason, Sale of the Century jumped way back to summer 1985. The champ bought two out of three Instant Bargains, but the one guy jumped ahead of her in the Speed Round. Since they were still letting people buy the prize or keep coming back until they could afford all of them at this point, he opted to return and try for a speed boat.

Finished the night online at Paramount Plus, starting with a second season episode of The Love Boat. A Kiss-like costumed hard rock star (Sonny Bono) learns about "The Sounds of Silence"...and figures out the sounds he'd rather make...when he falls in love with a deaf girl. Issac thinks it's "Murder on the High Seas" when he mistakes the plot a pair of mystery novel authors (Peter Lawford and Dana Wynter) are working on for an actual plot to kill the Captain. Doc tries to help a slovenly gambler (Charlie Callas) become "Cyrano De Becker" to impress his newlywed wife (Jill St. John) who wishes he'd pay more attention to her than the horse track.

Of course, there's other slovenly gamblers on Paramount Plus. Oscar Madison of The Odd Couple gets an ulcer after not taking care of himself before a big deadline. When he keeps cheating while at home, Felix figures the best way to get his friend to rest is to take him on a cruise. This ain't no Pacific Princess, though. Oscar learns that it's "Sometimes a Great Ocean" when Felix books them on a cruise for senior citizens, then drives everyone crazy trying to organize activities for them. 

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