Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Beautiful Day for Heroes

Began the morning with breakfast and more fourth season Hogan's Heroes. "Guess Who Came to Dinner?" Beautiful German informant Heidi, who claims she wants to get out of the country. The guys are all for it, until they learn that her previous underground contact was arrested. Hogan convinces Klink to hold a dinner for her and find out if she's trustworthy.

Caught the first half of To Tell the Truth before I headed to work. Tom Kennedy joined Bill Cullen, Peggy Cass, and Kitty Carlisle in this episode. My mother, who loves crafts, would likely appreciate the lady who spins her own thread from any animal that can make it and weaves her own cloth. The panel was split between sensible #3 and sweet #1; I went with #1. Turned out to be #3, who even showed off her creations.

Headed off to work as soon as the panel made their decisions. It wasn't really busy in the morning. The weather was too gorgeous to be busy! It was sunny, breezy, and warm but not humid. Perfect for mid-June. 

I did have to clean up a broken soy sauce bottle early in the day, but it didn't really get crazy until later in the afternoon. The afternoon bagger also happens to be one of the people who is able to take orders for at-home shoppers. They got backed up on online orders and recruited her...which meant I suddenly had no help. They told me to put away cold items...then in the middle of that, told me to sweep...and before I could do that, told me to mop up the floor next to a register that was supposedly so dirty, no one would come in it. Of course, by the time I dragged the mop over, someone opened that very register and had a long line. After that, I gave up, left the mopping to the incoming evening bagger, and spent my last hour gathering carts.

Needless to say, I rushed straight home after that. Had a snack, then went into writing. Charles the Mad Hatter and Orson the March Hare's antics are increasingly driving Brett nuts. They're not helping Richard with recruiting them to help the White King, either. Charles finally pacifies Brett when he tells her they have other familiar guests...

Broke for dinner and Match Game '76 at 6:30. Ethel Merman returned for her second and final week on the show in tonight's episode, joined by goofy Joyce Bulifant and Avery Schriber. While Ethel tried to get Brett to pipe down, the others gave some interesting answers to the Audience Match "Body ___." 

Match Game PM got a little wilder. Connie Stevens, Don Galloway, and Marcia Wallace joined Gene and the regulars to answer why it's so strange for a man to order off the menu in French at a __ restaurant. Connie ended up having to try to help the pretty college student contestant win 10,000 with "No ___."

Varsity Week continues on Sale of the Century. This time, we had a swimmer, another massive football player, and a track star. Just like yesterday, the kids started out close, but the boy jumped ahead in the second half and just won the Speed Round. He too did well in the Bonus Round and picked up the money with time to spare.

Finished the night at Sundance TV online with the third season episodes of Hogan's Heroes currently there. Hogan wants to know "Is There a Doctor In the House?" when Klink gets the flu and is in danger of being sent away for his health. LeBeau insists that his grandmere's mustard plaster is just the thing to cure him. Not only does it work, but it helps in other ways when they need a distraction from the escapee they're helping.

Klink's happy to say "Hogan Go Home" when Hogan's called back to the US. The others aren't as thrilled, especially when his replacement turns out to be daffy Colonel Crittendon (Bernard Fox). Hogan has no desire to leave his men in the addle-brained officer's hands, especially when he realizes the train that's supposed to take him to another camp is due to be blown up by his troops!

Newkirk gets into a major jam in "Sticky Wicket Newkirk" when he's caught contacting a beautiful spy. Not only is he in danger of being transferred to another camp, but it turns out that the spy isn't what he thinks she is. They have to convince the Nazis that the spy isn't telling the truth.

A lovely spy also figures into "Duel of Honor." Hogan convinces their current contact to come onto Klink in order to distract him and let them get an important list out of Germany. It works too well, upsetting the ranks and getting Klink into trouble.

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