Thursday, October 11, 2007

Change Of Seasons

Brrrrr! It went from about 70-some degrees this morning to the lower 60s by the time I got out of counseling around 3PM. I was in cullottes, a short-sleeved blouse, socks, and sneakers, and I was FREEZING! Thank goodness I had no more running around planned for after counseling. The weather was iffy all day too, damp and cloudy and windy. It was a welcome change after the intense, unseasonal heat of the last week or so, but it's not great biking weather.

Today was library volunteering day. It went well. I organized as many of the health and diet books as I could do in two hours, and as Pat (who is in charge of volunteers) pointed out, they REALLY needed it! What a mess! You can tell health and fitness is a popular topic. It took me two hours to do four shelves. I did take out two books on health and diets, though, a general book on nutrition and The Dish On Eating Healthy and Looking Fabulous!, which seems to be a health and diet guide to single women and busy moms on the go. The call it "a guide for glamor girls," but the advice is sensible enough for any woman, even those put off by the very girly purple cover and graphics within. (I also picked up some Calvin and Hobbes I hadn't read. You can't go wrong with those two. It's like living with my sisters again. Yes, they were both THAT crazy.)

I was thinking of having lunch at that great pizzeria in Haddon Township again, but the weather looked so bad by the time I got out of the library, I decided to just ride over to Collingswood and eat there instead. I opted for the Primo Hoagies store in the fancy new apartment development a few blocks down from Genesis Counseling. They were exactly what I had in mind, no-frills and not a bad price for reletively upscale Collingswood. I had a "Healthy Choice" Ham and low-fat swiss cheese hoagie with the basic onions-tomatoes-lettuce on the smallest roll they had and a Diet Pepsi.

Counseling went fairly well. Scott recommends I look into other career options at college in addition to library sciences, just in case I can't find a job in library sciences.

I thought he'd be so happy I'd found a job idea I could stick to. I don't really know if there's much else I can do. I haven't really done much else. I've worked in a media center in college, and I had summer jobs in the Cape May County Special Services Schools Media Center and in my high school's transportation office (and a disastrous two-month stint at McDonald's in North Cape May - I STILL don't know why I was fired from that job), and the Acme. I have no idea if there is anything else I can do. If no one wants me to be a librarian or a writer...what DO they want?

The rest of the day was spent finishing this month's cleaning, doing the dusting and the vacuuming and the windows. I'll put up the Halloween decorations tomorrow morning before I get my paycheck.

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