Monday, October 01, 2007

Early Autumn

I spent most of this morning hanging out and doing various beginning-of-the-month things on and off my computer (like making out the rent check for my landlady). Did some yoga, too, and watched Return of the Jedi. It's a mandatory, unspoken rule in my family that if you watch one movie in the trilogy (original or 90s), you have to watch the other two.

Work was a real pain today. It was crazy-busy as it always is on Mondays, made worse by a distinct lack of help. It would seem I'm not the only person coming down with a nasty cold. We were missing several people today, one out for the whole week! I ended up with an extra half-hour tonight and picked up a 1PM to 5PM shift on Saturday, both of which are fine by me, since my hours dropped this week and I could use the extra money.

I also took a look at two potential library sciences colleges tonight, Drexel University in Philadelphia and Rutgers, New Jersey's state college. Though Drexel's Library Sciences program is top-rated, Rutgers has the edge - not only is it's School Media graduate program online (unlike Drexel), but I really don't want to work in Pennsylvania. I'll look at Rowan and Temple tomorrow; right now, all I want is a shower!

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