Friday, June 06, 2008

I'm Flying

Spent the morning doing laundry and reading one of the books I picked up at Russkoff's (I don't know why I kept calling them "Ralstoff's") Used Books and Records, The Takers: River of Gold. Like my 80s Nora Roberts book Hot Ice, it's an action/romance tale that's very much of it's era. Unlike Hot Ice, the sympathy is definitely with the adventurers and the Rambos, not the wealthy.

I went for a walk after I put the laundry in the drier. I thought of going for a swim, but there was a good, stiff, cool breeze and it was still a little chilly in the morning. Not to mention, I didn't want to show up at work with wet hair. (I don't own a hair drier. I don't see the point. It just makes my hair bigger than it already is.) Even as I hiked around the neighborhood, the clouds had begun to break up. By the time I made it back to Uncle Ken's and was taking my clothes the long way around to Manor Avenue (a train was blocking my usual route over the tracks), it was mostly sunny and much warmer, though the breeze remained cool.

My fairly large laundry load took so long, I only had 20 minutes to throw on a just-cleaned uniform, get dinner together, grab my backpack and a cloth bag for after-work grocery shopping, and get out the door. I raced down Kendall Boulevard and the Black Horse Pike. As it turned out, the fast ride was exhilarating but not necessary. I made it to work with almost 10 minutes to spare, plenty of time to park my bike, grab my tag and apron, and even get my paycheck.

After all that, work was steady to busy, with no problems other than my relief was late. Thank goodness the sweet produce stocker, Angel, came in for me.

The ride home was great, too, if a bit muggier. I turned on the air conditioning when I got in. The apartment was really too warm. Lauren and I did work on the next part of our story tonight. Alas, we won't get in part 5 until Tuesday. She's still trying to do her own unpacking and help her parents set up their new home, too.

Oh, and meet Creamsickle, the Lil'Kinz Orange and White Cat! I owe Lauren for coming up with her name. I had no idea what to call her. She came with her cute Milk Carton Fridge, a Magic Carpet, and a $1,000 Kinzcash Coin. Creamie will live in the Cat Palace room with Cassie the Himalayan Cat, who'll take care of her. The money she came with and the KinzCash coin helped buy more tables and chairs to finish off the KinzBee's Sports Bar and Grill.

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