Tuesday, June 04, 2013

A Week From Vacation

I started the day in front of the computer. I wanted to make goals for finding a job and/or starting a business. I didn't get very far. I just couldn't concentrate. I'm not very good at making goals. I know I want to get out of the Acme badly. I just don't know if I want to move to a smaller office, or start my own business. I haven't a clue of what kind of office I could work for or what type of business to start or how. I'm just feeling frustrated and tired.

Calling Mom didn't really help matters. She wasn't in the best mood when I finally got through to her. First of all, she's not happy about having to babysit my sister Anny's son again now that she has a job and he's almost out of school. She and Dad are still broke, too, and Dad in particular has lots of medical bills to pay and no insurance to help them pay it.

Finally gave up on the goal sheet around 10 and went for a walk. It was too nice to be inside all morning, anyway. The scorching heat of the past few days had given way to sunshine, cool breezes, and perfect 70-degree temperatures. I strolled to WaWa to get milk, which I ran out of yesterday. The irises are gone, but the roses are out, and it looks like the tiger lilies are getting ready to make their appearances. Everything is a brilliant shade of green that even Technicolor can't reproduce.

When I got back in, I had a quick leftover lunch while running cartoons, then headed to work. Work was, in the reverse for my usual shift, busy when I got in and dead when I left. I guess everyone went out for their lunch breaks, then went straight home to spend a nice evening with their families. The lunch rush hour was far more congested than the dinner rush hour. It's still the beginning of the month, and there were a lot of annoying people. I wasn't happy that my relief was a bit late, either.

When I finally got out, I hurried home and went straight into a much-needed bath. My knees are sore like heck, and my heel spur has been acting up earlier than usual. The bath didn't do much for my heel, but my knees do feel much better.

I made Rosemary Fish n' Chips with vinegar (a dollar flounder filet cooked in Worcestershire sauce and vinegar with rosemary, salt, and pepper) and a salad of farm market-fresh greens and radishes for dinner while watching the Garfield travel-themed specials. Garfield's not thrilled with Jon's insistence on camping in Garfield In the Rough. The trio go west after they win a pet talent contest in Garfield In Hollywood, but Garfield's desire for a more-polished act may end up cutting Jon out. They go tropical (and sneak in some Jack Benny jokes) in Garfield In Paradise, where they encounter a rather odd tribe of doo-wop worshiping natives.

Garfield wasn't the only cartoon character to encounter trouble in paradise. The Tiny Toons discover that "No Toon Is An Island" when they find a map that leads to buried treasure and learn that jealousy can be uglier than any storm, ghost, or x-creating bird.

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