Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rock Hard and Cheesesteak On

No sleeping in today! Lauren and I began a busy morning with the end of the American Top 40. I was three months old in June 1979 when these songs were new. Hits during the first summer of my life included "We are Family" by Sister Sledge, "The Logical Song" by Supertramp, "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward, "Just When I Needed You Most" by Randy Vanwarmer, and "Love You Inside Out" by the Bee Gees. Donna Summer's Bad Girls album was the unstoppable juggernaut that June, including its single "Hot Stuff."

We spent the morning wandering around Oaklyn, taking in their Town-Wide Yard Sale. I was a bit disappointed. While there may have been even more yard sales this year than there was last year, they had less interesting things on display. I ended up with a DVD copy of the first Peanuts movie A Boy Named Charlie Brown, the late 90s American Girl Postcard Book (looks like it came out just prior to Josefina's release), "Samantha's Stationary Set," and two records, a recording of the operetta The New Moon and John Denver's Poems, Prayers, and Promises. Lauren got a new pair of shorts and a vintage 80s Care Bears figure to go with her collection.

We did make it to the Farm Market around 11PM. It was as busy as ever. Even at that late time, people were still out in force, buying goodies for their Father's Day and graduation barbecues. I picked up strawberries, zucchini, spring onions (basically scallions with larger bulbs), spinach, and more North Carolina Blueberries.

We finally opted for Phillies Phatties a few doors down from Leo's Yum Yums for lunch. The place was pretty noisy, and not just because the Town-Wide Yard Sale was still going on. There was a group of noisy grade-school-age kids at the largest table in the room. I think they were there for a birthday party. The kids didn't bother us, but they also made a bit of a racket. We took our meal outdoors to the black metal tables on the sidewalk. I had a "Panzarotti," a small fried pizza turnover. Lauren had a pepperoni stromboli...that was a lot bigger than either of us planned. She ate two parts. I ate one. The rest is now in our refrigerator.

We walked around a bit more in the development behind the school before finally calling it a day. We were both hot and sweaty, and I was getting red. (I forgot to put sunscreen on this morning.) We put everything away, then played Uno for about an hour or so. (I creamed Lauren. I have more training. My family played Uno a lot well into my college years.)

Lauren got tired of sitting so much, and I realized I forgot to pick up milk on our earlier walk. We took a shorter stroll to WaWa around 4PM. At least it was a nice day for all the walking. It was sunny, dry, and hot, with a few fleeting clouds but nothing like the past few days. The gardens and parks, with their summer lilies and pastel rose bushes and wildflowers perfuming the air, are amazing right now. I did get my milk at a busy WaWa, too. Lauren got a Dr. Pepper with raspberry and vanilla syrups. I had Fuze Iced Tea with cherry and vanilla. We both had our annual Tastycake treat, this year the Reeses Candy Bar Cakes. (Which was really good - tasted a lot like a richer Funny Bone.)

When we got home, we watched Three Stooges shorts for a while as I made dinner. I loved that Tex-Mex Black Bean Dip I made back in the fall so much, I wanted to share it with Lauren. I also made spinach with mushrooms, an updated version of a recipe from the Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book.

We're now watching Tiny Toons Adventures episodes from my new set. The current episode is the show's second classic MTV spoof of the series, "Toon TV." We're just finishing Elmyra's hilarious version of "The Name Game."

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