Monday, June 24, 2013

Caught In the Rain

It was just sunny and very hot and humid when I got up this morning. I ran several Mickey Mouse black and white summer-themed shorts as I had Cheerios and blueberries for breakfast. Mickey takes Minnie to "The Barn Dance," but discovers he has a lot to learn about fancy footwork when he keeps stepping on a non-plussed Minnie's toes. Minnie feels a lot better about her boyfriend after he rescues her from a bad undertow in "Wild Waves" and a runaway caboose in "Mickey's Choo Choo." Pluto joins Minnie and Mickey for "The Picnic" (where he's called "Rover" and seems to be Minnie's dog). Mickey and Pluto go "Fishing Around," but end up chased by a police goat when it turns out the pond doesn't allow fishing. Clarabelle and Horace come along for "The Beach Party." The gang has a lot of fun, until Pluto disturbs an octopus who has no trouble fighting back!

I headed to the laundromat, this time taking the cart, around 11:30. Despite the laundromat being nice and cool (thanks to their new-ish air conditioner), the place wasn't busy at all today. It was mostly just me, one older woman, and Channel 6 for an hour or so. 

When I got in, I checked my e-mail, put my laundry away, ate lunch, changed into my uniform, and hurried off to work. It was still sunny when I left, but just a half-hour after I got in, dark clouds began to gather. The thunderstorms have continued off and on for the rest of the night...and from the sound of things, are going to continue off and on for the rest of the week.

We were off-and-on busy, too, as people dodged the weather. It was still so busy at 8PM, one of the high school kids was sent in for me so I could go home. Not that I went home right away. It was pouring when I got outside. I heard an ear-splitting blast of thunder and saw an enormous, bright green bolt of lighting just a few minutes after I emerged. It looked like it was breaking up for a few minutes - a gorgeous dark orange sun briefly emerged - but it started again even as I left. I just rode home and got soaked.

It was slowing down by the time I did get home. I don't think it's doing anything now; if it is, it's at least not thundering anymore. 

Oh, and I picked up much-needed extra hours on Thursday. I'm not crazy about them being 6 to 10, but I was asked nicely and ahead of time, and it's only four hours. I'll live. 

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