Thursday, November 03, 2016

Swashbuckling Adventures

Had early work this morning. I did round up carts when I arrived and about an hour before break, but I was mostly cleaning again. It might be just as well. We really weren't that busy. It got steady off and on, but nothing overwhelming. I actually got the rest of register 8 and all of registers 7 and 6 done.

I also found out why they suddenly decided to go on a cleaning jag. A pile of notices on the registers revealed we're having another open house this weekend, like the ones we had in January and early February, along with another 2-day sale. I don't know if that's a good idea. While it does look like they're largely finished organizing the aisles (except for the seasonal aisle), they're doing major building in the front half of the store. They did finish the new floral department, but they're nowhere near completing the expanded produce department, salad bar, bakery, and deli. It's going to be a mess over there during the weekend.

It was showering when I headed out of work. Just rode home and got a bit wet. Ran an episode of Jack of All Trades while eating Zucchini Muffins for lunch. Jack thinks he and Emilia are "Shark Bait" when they use her submarine to find out who's sinking ships in the bay around the island. The "shark" that swallows them turns out to be a larger submarine. It was built by the many-greats grandson of Leonardo DiVinci. He's created a bomb that can be shot out of a cannon (aka a missile), and has it aimed directly at the boat carrying the Founding Fathers for the annual Founding Father/Son outing. While escaping, they find Blackbeard the pirate drunk as heck in the brig. The trio band together to figure out how they can stop those missiles and save the Founding Fathers.

Spent the next couple of hours writing. Phasma leads the group into a trap. Snoke and his men force Leia to join her husband strapped to the gurneys. Snoke is going to control the adults' minds first, then the kids'. Ben doesn't like them attacking his mother, but there's nothing he can do. Snoke is determined to have his experiment...and he finds Leia's bending strong will to be an irresistible challenge.

Continued Jack of All Trades while working on one of my seasonal collages. Jack and Emilia get involved in a little "Monkey Business" (and an Indiana Jones spoof) when they manage to get a silver money out of the temple of a long-dead cult. Trouble is, England and the U.S both want the priceless simian...and so does Governor Croque, who intends to melt it down and give the smaller copies to friends. And then there's the mysterious stranger who seems determined to protect the monkey at all costs...

"The Morning After" proves to be most embarrassing for Jack and Emilia when they wake up naked together with no memory of how this happened. They were at a party held by Croque and Napoleon (Verne Troyer) the night before, where they tried their "special" wine. The wine may have had something to do with it...and now Napoleon intends to send that wine to every leader in the world!

"Croquey In the Pokey" lands Jack and the spoiled Governor in the slammer on trumped-up charges. Jack's there to protect the governor. Croque's surrounded by men he incarcerated, often for no reason, including an entire circus. While Croque discovers just how hard it is to live under his ridiculous laws and whims, Jack engineers a prison break.

Went back to Lego Star Wars while I ate leftovers for dinner. A couple of walk-throughs I found on YouTube helped me get through some more levels. Finished "Rescue the Princess" completely (other than the challenge pieces), including all of the pieces and True Jedi. Got more pieces on "Death Star Attack." Found all but one piece and achieved True Jedi on "Betrayal at Bespin."

Oh, and I believed it rained again while I was playing, though not heavily. This is supposed to drop the temperatures back to something closer to normal. It was very warm today, though not quite bad as a few weeks ago.

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