Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Rain Continues

It was still raining when I finally finished out Shadows of the Empire this morning. Ran The Backyardigans during breakfast. They did two spy spoofs. The longer, more elaborate "International Super Spy" was an hour-long "special" episode from the second season. Pablo is the mini-Roger Moore, who likes his apple juice shaken. He seeking three thermoses at locations around the world in order to keep them from the evil Lady In Pink Uniqua and her hench-moose Tyrone.

I was going to get the laundry done today...but the weather still wasn't cooperating by 10:30. The rain continued to come down, sometimes heavily. I ended up working on my story instead. The group manages to capture Phasma, who gets them aboard King Snoke's sleigh. The Nutcracker's worked for her before and is delighted to rub it in her face that she's in their power. Leia tries to get him to calm down.

At least I got the vacuuming in today. It took a little bit longer than usual, since I was doing the baseboards and under as many pieces of furniture as I could move on my own. I really want to finish the Christmas cleaning  and start the decorating before I go on vacation next week. Amanda is visiting my first day off.

Ran episodes of Garfield and Friends while I cleaned and ate lunch. In the first show, Garfield tells "The Legend of the Lake," about how nothing could stop a determined cave-cat from crossing a lake to the lasagna-filled island of his dreams. "Double-Oh Orson" is a US Acres spy spoof. Orson's on another reading jag. This time, he's imagining himself and the others in a spy thriller. His overactive imagination actually turns out to be useful when Booker and Sheldon's worms from their worm hunt go missing and Roy claims he doesn't know where they are. Garfield gets into a "Health Feud" with a bulked-up exercise instructor when his show starts to have too much influence on Jon.

Did another as I got ready for work.  "Pros and Cons" gives us a con-artist cat who cheats Odie out of their grocery money. Garfield ends up helping him out. Orson gets his "Rooster Revenge" on prankster Roy in the most evil way not playing a prank and letting Roy think he is. It's "Lights! Cameras! Garfield!" when the fat cat accepts a job in a new movie. He thinks he's going to be a star...but he's really just a stunt-cat stand-in.

The rain was already slowing down as I headed to work. It ended all together shortly after I arrived. It was a good thing. Once again, other than gathering baskets, I spent most of the day outside. They just don't have enough people scheduled right now to have baggers inside and outside. I'm surprised we were even as steady as we were. Even when it wasn't raining, it was cloudy, humid, a bit too warm for this time of year, and just flat-out miserable. And of course, it started to rain again on my way home. (Thankfully, the really heavy rain waited until well after I'd gotten in and taken out the trash. It's rained on and off, sometimes heavily, for the rest of the night.)

Hit the shower as soon as I got in, then had leftovers for dinner while playing Lego Star Wars. I'm still working on the blue-piece challenges. I did finally get through "Invasion of Naboo" and "Mos Espa Pod Race" today. Tried the rest of the levels in The Phantom Menace. Got the furthest on "Negotiations." There's one piece that I just cannot find on that level. Oh well, next time.

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