Sunday, February 24, 2019

Sunday Morning Coming

I'd been awake for ten minutes around 6:30 when my phone rang. It was Rose, finally calling me back. First of all, she came to the same conclusion I have - between Dad's shaky condition and my even shakier finances, this is a bad time to move. I still want to move - like I've said, I don't feel comfortable here anymore - but not right at this moment. Maybe later this year or early next year.

Second, Rose suggested Uber for a ride on bad-weather days instead of calling or a ride. She, Craig, and Jodie don't always have the time. Only if I absolutely have to. They cost money, and I've never really done anything like a cab or Uber before.

Third, she wants to start a joint account to help me pay for my rent until I get back on my feet. It's nice of her, but I have reservations. That money should be going to her family, not to me. I feel guilty enough about having borrowed money from Dad and Jodie in the past.

It was raining fairly hard when I was talking to Rose. Thankfully, by the time I left for work, it was down to a mild shower. Good thing it did start slowing down. Other than doing a cart with a few returns, I was outside for most of the morning, rounding up carts and doing the trash and recycling. I was supposed to have help later, but I saw the teen girl for all of 20 minutes.

The rain was gone by the time I went home, replaced by heavy winds. I decided to just avoid them and spent the rest of the day at home. Had banana pancakes for lunch while listening to one of my K-Tel albums, Hot Ones. I mainly have this one for the original version of "Thank You For Being a Friend" (which later became the theme song for The Golden Girls). Other good cuts on the one disc I have (the set's second disc is missing) include "Imaginary Lover," "We Just Disagree," and "We'll Never Have to Say Good-Bye."

Played Angry Birds Star Wars for a little while after lunch. Finally finished off the Hoth rounds, including another moving one that requires you to hit Pig Mynocks. While that one wasn't too bad, some of the later ones in space were kind of hard, especially those that needed Han or Luke to aim their lightsaber and gun shots in just the right place.

I had a long week last week, including that hour-and-a-half walk on Tuesday, and I got up early today and immediately had a heartfelt conversation with my sister. Not to mention, it was totally quiet for once. No one was home downstairs or next-door. It was the perfect time for a nap. I hit my bed at quarter of 3 and didn't get up until past 4.

Read Ten-Second Staircase for a little while, then did some writing. Han pushes Chewie and Leia out of the area, then tries to find out what happened to Lando or Luke. He's blocked by Sir Boba of Gisborne before he can get far. He tries to slip away, but Boba's not about to let this bounty go...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. The blueberry preserves and cheese omelet I had earlier this week was so tasty, I made it again tonight, along with leftover green beans and almonds. Listened to the Mary Poppins Returns soundtrack while I ate. I thought this movie was really cute, and there's some wonderful music here. The touching "The Land Where Lost Things Go" got an Oscar nod; other good numbers include the big chorus routine for the lamplighters "Trip a Little Light Fantastic" and "Can You Imagine That?" for Mary and the kids as she gets them to take their baths.

Went back to Angry Birds after a shower. Instead of moving to the next level, I went to "Path of the Jedi," which is basically Luke's Dagobah segments from The Empire Strikes Back. From what I've gathered, if you complete it, Luke's lightsaber increases in length and strength. Thought that might be useful in Cloud City. Ironically, most of the rounds on Dagobah itself weren't that hard. Things didn't pick up until they tossed you back out into space with those tricky curving shots.

Spent most of the rest of the night chatting with Lauren and checking up on the Oscars. (I'm not paying to stream it.) For once, there's a couple of nominees that really interest me. I did enjoy Black Panther (and thought it totally deserved its wins for Costumes, Score, and Production Design), and am dying to see Bohemian Rhapsody (Best Actor, Editing, and - appropriately - both sound awards) and A Star Is Born (Best Song). I may look around for Green Book (the Best Picture winner) and Spider Man: Into the Spiderverse (the Animated Film winner) eventually as well.

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