Thursday, February 28, 2019

Green Eggs and Sweet Treats

Kicked off the morning with two of my favorite vintage Dr. Seuss specials while I had breakfast and got ready for work. Dr. Seuss On the Loose is an anthology of three short Seuss tales. "The Sneeches" are yellow creatures who live on the beaches. Sneeches with green stars on their bellies snub those who don't have them, until a monkey con-man and his star-removing and creating machines teaches them a lesson in equality. "The Zax" are a pair of stubborn critters who refuse to move for one another, even when the world continues around them. Sam-I-Am wants everyone to love his favorite dish, "Green Eggs and Ham," and chases one poor guy everywhere to make sure he likes it too!

The Hoober Bloob Highway is even more unusual. Mr. Hoober Bloob and his walking mandolin assistant are in charge of preparing babies in space for their life on Earth. He shows the infant a film that depicts all the ins and outs of being human and what makes us what we are, from where we live to our education to answering life's big questions.

Headed to work even before the cartoon ended. Work was pretty much the same thing as yesterday - dead as a doornail, only getting mildly steady during rush hours. This time, I alternated between gathering carts and baskets and doing the few returns. I also did inside and outside trash and recycling. There was plenty of help for once, and most of it was standing around during the downtime. Besides it being the last day of our sale week and the month, it was just too nice to be doing a lot of shopping. It was sunny and warm when you could get out of the wind, and certainly much nicer than it's supposed to be next week.

Went straight home after I finally got off. Willa called me the moment I got in the door, reminding me to bring the lease and the rent over. I really don't want to agree to her demands, but I have no choice until I can find another place. There's nowhere else I can go. My mother and stepmother are in the midst of preparing to sell their homes, and my sisters don't have enough room.

Rushed downstairs briefly to tighten the seat on my bike. It's been loose ever since I put it back on last week. I don't want to fall off! It seems all right now, but if it starts wiggling again, I may have to see if I can find a new one online.

I tried to work on my story, but I was too darn tired from all the rushing around. I was almost nodding off when I finally broke for dinner at quarter after 7. Had leftovers while finishing Hoober Bloob Highway, then went into making Apple Cinnamon Donuts. They were pretty much Mom's standard recipe with added spices and chunks of apple. I covered the tops in cinnamon sugar instead of glaze. They came out delicious, but even with all the ingredients, more than half of them fell apart when I pulled them out of the pan. Maybe I'll stick to making mini-donuts from now on.

Finished the night with the 1958 musical Gigi. I go further into this elegant tale of turn-of-the-20th-century Paris at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.


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