Saturday, February 23, 2019

Swinging On a Star

Kicked off another cloudy morning with breakfast and the remaining two Daniel Tiger episodes. I skipped "Daniel's New Friend," which I've already done, and went right into "Daniel's Friends Say 'No.'" Daniel wants to play with Miss Elania at school, but she's reading and doesn't want to. O the Owl doesn't, either. He's disappointed, but Teacher Harriet encourages him to find other things to do.

"Prince Wednesday Doesn't Want to Play" with Daniel because he's playing with his older brother Prince Tuesday before he has to work. This time, Daniel distracts himself by having his own sibling time with his baby sister Margaret, and then inviting O the Owl to join them.

(And yeah, I do understand about having to turn down offers to play. When Keefe was little and I was in high school, or home from college for school breaks, he often asked me to play with his Pokemon toys or Star Wars action figures with him. Most of the time, I would...but occasionally, I'd be reading or studying, and I'd tell him 'no.' He'd be disappointed, but Mom would give him other things to do.)

Worked on writing for an hour after the show finished. Sheriff Vader shows up with Luke, revealing that he's his son, and he intends to force him into Palpatine's guards. Lando claims he'll sing a song for the Prince...but he plays a loud enough note and sings loud enough to distract the Prince and bring in his own men. They manage to free Leia and Chewie, but Han gets knocked out and taken away...

Broke for lunch at almost 1. Ran an episode of The Backyardigans while I ate leftovers quickly. Pablo is pretending to be "The Yeti" and is yelling and leaving raisins all over the Frozen North. Uniqua insists that they're on the trail of a real Yeti. Tasha is just as adamant that there's no such thing. Tyrone just wants them to stop arguing and follow that strange sound.

Headed for work even before the episode ended. Once again, other than doing trash and recycling and gathering a few baskets, I was mostly outside with the carts. It was off-and-on busy all afternoon, not overwhelming, but not quiet, either. It started spitting lightly somewhere around 3; it didn't start raining harder until I was on my way home. Thankfully, it wasn't so hard that I was more than a little damp when I finally got in.

I'd texted Rose earlier in the day, telling her to call me. She texted me back and said she'd text in a few minutes. I waited a half-hour, and she never did. She said she had to put her kids to bed. I guess there were complications there. If I don't hear from her by the time I get home from work tomorrow, I"ll text her again or call her.

Finished the night with Going My Way, the Oscar-winning dramady about Bing Crosby as a priest at a New York parish who clashes with pastor Barry Fitzgerald. I go into more detail on this sugary drama with songs at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Going My Way

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