Sunday, April 07, 2019

No Time at All

Started off the morning with my first of two early work days this week. We were a lot busier than we were last Sunday. The crowds started coming as early as 9 and barely let up the rest of the day. I got tossed in the register just an hour after I came in, despite me being the only bagger at the time and the carts needing to be done. Thankfully, once more help started arriving, they let me alone. I spent the rest of the afternoon outside with the carts and two other baggers. It was a gorgeous day for it, too, a little cloudy, but windy and warm.

(Oh, and I texted Rose during my break. Today is her birthday. She spent it taking her daughter Finley to her first Easter Egg hunt; if the pictures on Facebook are any indication, they had a great time.)

It had to be in the lower 70's by the time I made my way home. When I got in, I had a snack, changed, made a pit stop, grabbed my laundry, and headed back out. I was dead tired, but I needed to get my laundry done. I'm not going to have the time to do it the rest of the week. I think I picked the right time. They were busy when I got in. By the time my load was in the dryer, there were only two other people there. Good thing; I had a fair-sized load, including towels. I worked on story notes and ignored golf on TV.

As soon as I got home, I put everything away, then went into writing. I was too tired to really do much, and Lauren came on early. (She's watching Wrestlemania tonight.) Ben takes out his life savings to give to Han, as Luke's car is too junky to get a decent price on (and his aunt needs it, too). Luke's not at all impressed with Harris' slightly rusted, custom-designed VW bus with the name "Millennium Falcon" painted on it in silver and red lettering. Harris claims she's a champ, but Luke's not sure. They don't have much of a choice though, especially once the Shadow Soldiers appear...

Broke for dinner at 7. Since I worked too early to have them for breakfast, I had my banana pancakes for dinner. They came out beautifully, cooked perfectly and with just the right hint of sweetness. I put strawberry compote on it instead of honey.

Finished out the night with Pippin while I ate. Pippin is the son of Charlemange, who's searching for his purpose in life. He joins his father's war, but finds it empty and messy. He tries politics, but lacks his father's leadership potential and ends up being used by local woman. A woman on a farm and her child need help...but he's not sure this simple life is his "corner of the sky." Enjoyable Bob Fosse musical with a great Stephan Schwartz score. My favorite number is the singalong for Granny (Irene Ryan in the original cast album), "No Time at All."

(Oh, and I gave Charlie my schedule on the way to the laundromat. As I suspected, he's going to need another week to help his friend. Ok. Means I can go through some more things and get a few more chores done in here.)

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