Sunday, April 28, 2019

Winds of Spring

Began my morning with a quick breakfast and the children's record version of Strawberry Shortcake and the Winter That Would Not End. I was inspired to do this one after talking to Lauren last night. We're lucky that our weather this month has largely been normal for this time of year. That's not true everywhere. Lauren told me she got snow in Pittsfield. It didn't stick, but it was still snow in late April. She says it's at least 20 degrees colder there, too.

It's still pretty cold and snowy in Strawberry Land, too. Strawberry and the other kids are worried about their crops. Elderberry Owl explains that the Snow King's crystal was stolen by a grumpy badger. The kids take it on themselves to find it. They dress warmly, pack jam sandwiches, and make weapons and helmets, just in case. The badger, however, isn't as much of a bully as he seems, and he has his reasons for not wanting spring to come.

I have the original book version of this as well. It was one of mine and Rose's favorite stories when we were really little. The LP uses the rustic artwork on it's A and B sides, and it's really gorgeous. If you love the early Strawberry Shortcake cartoons and can dig up either the record or the book, I highly recommend them. They're both charming.

Headed to work shortly after the record ended. Work was fairly busy when I came in this morning. I got stuck in a register for about twenty minutes shortly after I arrived. Even as early as noon, it slowed down enough for me to focus on returns, baskets, and doing the inside trash. I did have to sweep and gather some carts when the other baggers went home, but I didn't do either for long. Considering the weather was chilly, on-and-off cloudy, and gale-force windy all day, it's probably just as well. 

Went straight home and into bed for a nap. I've been up late the last few nights with Lauren, chatting and watching Buzzr game shows. When I got up around 5, I did a little bit of writing. Leia leads the guys and Chewie to the main furnace room in the Mufasar Iron Works. It's using khyber crystals to power that huge laser. The quartet crawl right onto one of the conveyor belts hauling khyber...and getting awfully close to the furnace...

Broke for dinner at 7. I ate leftovers really quick, then finished the night with Lego Star Wars. Didn't do quite as well with the first four rounds of Revenge of the Sith as I had previously. I got all but one of the pieces on Battle of Coruscant, but ran into too many ships to get True Jedi. Got more than half the pieces on each of the remaining rounds, but the only one I managed to get True Jedi on was rescuing Palpatine. I mistimed jumps and landed in the ravine too often in the "General Grievous" boss round, and I just barely missed it in "Defense of Kashyyak." Tomorrow, Obi-Wan and Yoda will hit the Jedi Temple to witness the "Ruin of the Jedi." 

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