Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Dolls and Springtime Matches

Kicked off a sunny and beautiful morning with breakfast and Split Second. It was a close race in this one, with the young man and one of the women neck-and-neck during the speed round. In the end, she pulled ahead and won. The lady couldn't find the car on the revolving boards and opted to come back and try again. A mother and her daughter-in-law went up against a handsome young man in Blockbusters. He won the first round, but they won the second. He'd just pulled ahead in the third as the show ended.

Headed out to run a quick errand after Blockbusters finished. I'm almost out of shampoo, and the Acme currently doesn't have the Pantene curl formula I like in stock. I grabbed it at CVS, along with razors and dish washing liquid. The Nature's Valley sandwich cookies were on sale; picked up an Almond Butter box.

At least it was a nice day for a ride. The sun was out, the sky was blue, and while it remained windy, it wasn't anywhere near as chilly as over the weekend. I took the long way down Manheim and Reading over to Beechwood and very much enjoyed all the greenery and Technicolor gardens. I wasn't the only one, either. I saw lots of kids out riding their bikes and playing catch or shooting baskets, and plenty of adults jogging or walking their dogs.

Put everything away when I got in, then watched Roman Scandals on the TV Time Fantasy app while putting together Banana Muffins for work this week. I go into more detail on this ribald fantasy musical with Eddie Cantor and numbers by Busby Berkeley at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Roman Scandals

Switched to Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood while cleaning up and eating a quick lunch. "Daniel's Blueberry Paws" comes from the frozen fruit bars his mom buys him and Margaret on the beach. He's so enamored by the other choices in the frozen treats cart, he almost lets his bar melt. His mother reminds him to focus on the present and enjoy the "wow" that's happening now. "Wow at the Library" has X reading Daniel and his nephew O a pop-up story. O wants to read more books before they even finish the current one, but his uncle and Dan remind him to finish the story first. Prince Wednesday also has to be reminded to focus on the present when they put on a puppet show and he's easily distracted by other puppets.

Dressed the dolls for warmer weather and more rough-and-tumble holidays next. In the books, Samantha's birthday is in May. She gets her pink-striped birthday dress and lacy pinafore. Jessa wears a modern AG t-shirt with a big purple flower, jean capris, and red clogs. Ariel is also dressed for play in a tie-dye t-shirt, overall shorts, sneakers, and yellow socks. Josefina wears her lovely red, white, and gold Dress and Vest outfit with her gold heirloom shawl. Molly wears a hand-made version of her hard-to-find Victory Garden dress I got on eBay. Whitney's dress is also from eBay. The full-skirted white outfit with the pastel polka dots was listed as being for Molly, but it looks more 50's than 40's to me. Whitney wears it with shiny purple Our Generation shoes and the big pink ribbon headband from Samantha's Spring Dress. (Left Felicity in her pink birthday pinner outfit. I don't really have much to change her into.)

Worked on writing for a little bit after I put away the dolls' things. Betty is so upset by seeing her husband cursed and transformed, she angrily knocks over the barrel Gene cast the spell on before Malade reveals what she turned him into or how to get him out of it. Gene's so worn out from using magic, he can't get the vision back, either. Fannie comes in as they're cleaning up the water to reveal that her contact told her what Malade intends for the ball...and her prisoners...

Finished the night with the next Match Game marathon. Crusty Ed Asner is best-known today for his role as Lou Grant in the sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the drama Lou Grant, but he did pop up on the show from time to time. To be honest, he wasn't a very good player, but he was a fun guest, usually being ready with a slightly grouchy quip or joke as he gave his (wrong) answer. Along with being present for the infamous "School Riot," he was also around for possibly the show's most infamous male contestant. Lyle was a go-getting fellow from Las Vegas with a flashy toupee and a wild way with an answer. He didn't win much money, and I think Richard Dawson in particular found him to be more annoying than anything, but he was certainly memorable.

(Asner's last week on Match Game was actually in 1978...but alas, it would seem the other major guest that week, Valerie Bertenelli, hasn't cleared her appearances yet and won't allow the episodes to be seen.)

Here's the entire marathon, so you can try to match wits and answers with Lou Grant, too! Tomorrow's focus switches to a later male semi-regular, jovial and rotund comedian Richard Paul.

The Best of Ed Asner on Match Game Marathon 1975 - 1977

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