Friday, May 29, 2020

Springtime Heat Wave

Began a humid, cloudy morning with breakfast and Split Second. It was a very close game between yesterday's champ and two of the women. In the end, the taller of the two women won both the regular and the Countdown round. To her surprise and mine, she chose the right board for the car on her very first try!

She wasn't the only one who won big this morning. That solo lady ran through another Gold Rush bonus round on Blockbusters, only missing one question. She had less luck with a grandmother and her teenage grandson, who beat her on the first round before the show ended.

Spent the next two hours working on drafts of that letter to Willa, then looking up letters to landlords online to get a better idea of what to write to her. I mainly need to figure out how to ask about the furniture that came with the apartment. I don't think she or Richard have any interest in them - Richard has said as much - but Rose insisted on asking. I may see if Charlie wants the wardrobes downstairs eventually.

Broke for lunch around 1. Had yogurt with blueberries and strawberries while watching Classic Concentration. A college student and a lady with 9 children made it to the bonus round today. The young man came so close to getting it, and with only 35 minutes, but he missed the last match. The lady got nervous and didn't get as close...but she did get the regular puzzle with more than half the squares still on the board!

Went for a walk after lunch. Strolled around the park first, admiring the emerald greenery and the sparkling creek. It must have been too hot and humid for most people to be out and about. I saw no one but me in the park, on the train tracks, or behind the VFW. The view there was incredible, clear enough to see all the way to the Parkview Apartment buildings, but I couldn't stay long. I heard a train choo-choo in the distance. I already had a run-in with a car. Didn't want to deal with a train, too. Thankfully, I was long inside by the time it passed through.

Took a nap when I got in. One of the things I'm hoping to do while I'm on leave is catch up on my sleep! I'm up with Lauren a lot, and I've spent a lot of the last few months chatting with her late or working very early. Slept almost two hours and felt pretty good afterwards.

Worked on writing for a while after I rolled out of bed. Sir Bert assures Charles that he has help...including Bill Cullen, who has arrived and is in the kitchen. Charles parks his horse with Clifton and tells him he wants to look for the others, assuring his friend that he will be back in time to sing the first number for the ball. He then sees what looks like Queen Betty wandering around and opts to follow her...

Broke for dinner at 6. Had leftover tuna salad with greens and tomatoes while watching the end of the Match Game Misspelling Bee. Ethel Merman got the spelling error in the first episode - she got "stomach" wrong. I think a few people had them in the second.

Sale of the Century crowned another new champion tonight. Last night's champ bought new tires he claimed he badly needed, but otherwise couldn't get anything going. He kept going back and forth with the other man, who ultimately killed everyone in the speed round. He too decided to come back and try for other prizes.

Finished the night after a shower with TV show episodes on Roku. In "Pretty Angels All In a Row" from the second season of Charlie's Angels, Kelly and Kris leap into the world of beauty contests when a pageant host in Iowa tells Charlie someone is scaring off his contestants. Sabrina and Bosley pose as reporters filming a documentary on the pageant to get the low down on who wants to win the contest that badly.

Jeannie has her own problems in the black-and-white first season of I Dream of Jeannie. Tony has just made her promise to stop helping him...right before he's kidnapped by Chinese spies who want the information he has a on a top-secret project. Unable to help him, Jeannie turns to Roger, who tries to convince Dr. Bellows of what's happened. Meanwhile, Tony has to figure out how to keep the spies at bay without Jeannie's magic.

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