Monday, May 04, 2020

Sunshine Matches

Began the morning with breakfast and Sale of the Century. The morning run on Buzzr is in the midst of their later "Varsity Week," presumably college students. A young man with a high forehead easily beat the girl and the other boy. He got a really nice boat as his prize and won $5,000 in the bonus round with a few seconds to spare. Squeaked in a little of Supermarket Sweep, leaving just before they were about to do the Big Sweep.

Spent the majority of the day outside at work, rounding up carts and bringing in the trash. I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else. The weather was stunning, sunny, breezy, and probably in the lower 70's. Between the nice day and this being the beginning of the month, we were busy all day, with long lines waiting outside. I had to dodge a lot of people when I did returns for the last hour and a half.

As soon as I got home, I changed, had a snack, and went into the next Match Game marathon. Saturday was the 80th birthday of Jo Ann Pflug, one of the more popular of the show's semi-regulars in their early years, so this marathon was devoted to her. Sassy, pretty, and very smart, Pflug definitely livened up the show's first couple of seasons with her ready wit and sarcasm. She was, in fact, the first ingenue to sit in the bottom right seat on initial week. In one episode from 1974, she showed off her recently-acquired tap dancing skills to illustrate her answer to a question. A year later, she wore a shirt that said "Kiss Me," which Gene and Richard tried to take literally! She was around for another turntable glitch in 1976 when it stalled and went the wrong way. Richard also had fun joking about her Marines t-shirt in 1977.

Jo Ann may have been one of the best woman on the show at actually matching the contestant. She won quite a few folks a great deal of money, including on a PM episode in '77. Her final appearance was on a week during the syndicated run in 1981, where she heard a lady offer to replace Brett at that infamous hotel in Encino and got hit on the Star Wheel twice in a row, once doubled.

Here's the entire marathon, so you can honor the birthday of this lovely lady! Tomorrow's marathon will be a dy-no-mite salute to the 70's sitcom Good Times.

The Best of Jo Ann Pflug on Match Game Marathon 1973 - 1981


Linda said...

I remember Jo Ann Pflug on some talk show discussing her name; she said a woman asked her what her birth name was (assuming that "Pflug" was a stage name). She told her "That IS my birth name: Pflug is a name you change FROM, not TO."

Emma said...

LOL - yeah, that confirms what I saw of her on "Match Game" of being funny, sassy, and very smart. She was a good player and may be my favorite lady to have regularly sat in the first seat on the lower tier. ;)