Tuesday, October 12, 2021

The Day Before Vacation

I got moving so late, I ate quickly, changed, and called Uber for a ride to work. Thankfully, there's still no problems here. The driver going to the Acme took ten minutes; the one going home barely took five. No traffic or trouble either way. 

Work was off-and-on busy, likely due to this being the Acme's Senior Discount Day. All seniors get five percent off on Tuesdays...and we're two blocks from a senior housing facility. Pretty much the same deal as yesterday. I swept, checked the bathrooms, and did carts until the afternoon bagger arrived at two. I was then able to focus on outside, doing the carts and rounding up the trash and recycling. No real trouble here, either, other than I'm dead tired. 

I made the mistake of checking my texts after I called Uber. It was the realtor...and she said I was denied for the apartment. Something about my credit history not being good enough, or being non-existent. I don't have a credit card. Never needed one, didn't want to pay them off, and I wasn't sure I could trust myself with one. I've known too many people who got themselves into debt with those things. 

I've never had this much trouble getting an apartment, but the last two times I rented them, I went through family or a family friend. All the people who recommended my current and previous apartments are dead, and I don't know anyone else I can ask about them or who would have them for me. I might have to get someone to co-sign. 

Jodie met me when I came home, after I changed. She wanted me to do my laundry now. I did originally plan on doing it today, but then remembered I'll probably bring clothes home from my trip. She wants to sleep and is worried about more people wanting to see the house. Apparently, she can't buy a house at the Shore right away because she doesn't have credit, either. Dad told her not to get credit cards or trust them, so she didn't. 

Worked on writing as much as I could while nodding off. Brett angrily points out that, not only is Sir Richard not the most obvious of suspects, but there's still tarts on the plate. They aren't all gone. The Red King thinks she's in on the conspiracy...and that's when Brett remembers the mushrooms Nipsey the Caterpillar gave her that can make her shrink or grow...

Put the laundry in the dryer, then had leftover stromboli while watching Match Game '74. McLean Stevenson gets Brett Somers back for making fun of his red, white, and blue plaid coat by telling her to shut up when she talks over him. Brett's not happy about Ann Elder's answer to where Charles gets the hair for his toupee, either. 

Got organized and worked on getting my suitcase together while Match Game PM was on. The panelists celebrated one of the contestants' birthday and joke about how bad Joe Santos' answer is to what astronauts want when they ask for 120 pounds of recreational equipment. Later on, Dick Martin tries to figure out the Head-to-Head for "Off and __." 

Put on It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown as I brought the laundry back and finished all the packing I can get away with today. Linus is looking forward to the annual "visit" from the Great Pumpkin, who supposedly brings toys to all the good little children in the pumpkin patch. Against her better judgement, Sally joins him. Meanwhile, Chuck has a rough time trick-or-treating, and Snoopy looks ahead to Veteran's Day with a few Red Baron jokes and a rousing round of World War II songs. 

Finished out the night online with I Love Melvin. I go further into this charming romantic comedy with Donald O'Connor as a photographer who claims he can get movie star wannabe Debbie Reynolds on the cover of a magazine at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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Linda said...

Oh, Emma, I was afraid that would happen.

You can still fix this for the future. See if your bank will give you a credit card, even if it has only a $500 limit. Buy a few things, then pay them off immediately. Keep doing this. It will add up.

Basically what I do is anything I spend over the weekend (or on the few weekdays I occasionally go out) I charge on my Amazon card.) Naturally I don't charge any more than I have in the bank!) When the weekend is over, I immediately sit down at the computer and pay off the credit card. The bonus is that every purchase I make gives me points, so around the 23rd of this month I will have enough points to buy a book.