Friday, October 01, 2021

Trouble In the Sunshine

Started off the morning with breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. "The Merry Widow" is a lovely German lady whom Hogan has described to Klink as a great temptress. What she's really doing is helping the guys deliver information on a new type of landmine.

Did the dishes while watching "Crittendon's Commandos." Annoying British officer Crittendon returns, this time leading his own shady and not-very-good underground unit. They're supposed to be kidnapping a Nazi, but that's a bit of a problem when Crittendon's men are also taken prisoner. Too bad Crittendon wasn't taken with them and insists on helping Hogan and the guys finish the job.

Headed out to run errands after the dishes were on the rack. First on the list was dropping off Agony of the Leaves and In the Heights at the Oaklyn Library; the latter was two days late. Darn it, I forgot they're only open from Monday through Wednesday. Left them in the book drop and moved on. 

Since Nicholson Road's closer to the library, I took that way to Audubon Crossings. It was a gorgeous day for a ride. The sun was out, the sky was a radiant blue, and there were no clouds in the sky like yesterday. Cool winds blew over my back as I passed waving green-gold trees and gardens bursting with lovely late roses and mums.

Next stop was Great Cuts. I badly needed to get my hair done. It was too long and frizzy. They were busy when I arrived; at least three people sat ahead of me. Though the lady said it would be a half-hour, thankfully, it was more like 20 before they called me back. 

My hair came out beautifully. This time, I got it layered and a bit shorter, over my shoulders. It looks wonderful, nice and bouncy, and it feels terrific. The lady did a wonderful job.

Went back to the Acme after they finished my hair to do my grocery shopping and pick up my schedule. Had some good coupons, including for butter, canned organic pumpkin, and already-on-sale Bryers ice cream. Found Oikos yogurts with an attached paper coupon, two shelf-stable coconut milk quarts on the clearance racks, and a container of shrimp with a manager's coupon. Acme brand aspirin is buy one, get one. Restocked white flour, canola oil, plain yogurt, pads, and bananas. Thankfully, they weren't terribly busy. I got in and out of the express lane pretty fast. 

I am not happy with my schedule next week at all. In good news, some days with shorter hours, including Sunday. I'll be home in time for most of the Eagles-Chiefs game. Trouble is, I only have one day off, and that day off is Tuesday. I'll likely be working another seven days in a row after that. One of the morning cashiers went on vacation, and there's still a lot of people on leave due to non-virus health reasons or returning to school. Not only am I exhausted, but how am I supposed to get anything done? I'm always working when I could be calling about apartments. And when will I have time to clean my apartment or pack for my visit to Lauren's in two weeks?

Cheered myself up with putting my groceries away while watching the fifth season finale of Hogan's Heroes, "Klink's Escape." Klink's determined to show Buckhalter he can find that underground escape processing station. The guys decided to take him for a ride and help him prove it, while helping local escapees to freedom.

Switched to Muppet Babies at Disney Now while having a smoothie for lunch. It's a "Kitchen Catastrophe" when Gonzo helps the Swedish Chef whip up delicacies at Piggy's Diner. He thinks Gonzo's pineapple, pickle, and sauerkraut sandwich is gross, but then has to figure out how to please picky eater Sam the Eagle. "Kermit Gets a Case of the Grumpies," and the others try to figure out how to get him out of it. Bunsen and Beaker loan him their latest invention, which separates unwanted things from wanted...but it pulls out Kermit's grumpy side. Kermit tries to avoid it, but it really just wants to talk.

Went out to do the laundry next. Everything went fine at first. Picked up cards for my friends Amanda and Lauren's October birthdays at Family Dollar, then went back and stuck my laundry in the dryer. The laundromat was crowded with a couple of women and an older man. I dodged them all and went down to WaWa for a pumpkin spice smoothie instead.

Heard an ambulance while strolling down the White Horse Pike. Didn't think anything of it, until I saw it pulled up at the laundromat. Went in to see what happened...and the dryer with my laundry was empty. The ladies told me the older man had a heart attack, and they decided to fold his laundry and take it to his car. Unfortunately, he hadn't told them his laundry was only in the upper dryer, not the lower. They assumed it was all his, despite the fact my clothes do not look anything like those belonging to an old man.

I was upset and very angry when I called the manager. His wife picked up; he was out, but would be back shortly. He did call the police about fifteen minutes later to find out what happened with the man and where the clothes went. The clothes were in his car, but the cops needed his permission to get into it. I left when they gave me their reassurance they'd bring it over as soon as possible. 

Jodie heard my angry tears when I got home. Every time something goes right, things just keep getting worse and worse. I wasn't going to have time to call the realtors again. I'm never going to find an apartment. Jodie assured me she found three in the area, though I'm not sure about the one next to WaWa. Sounds loud to me. 

The cops called me back a few minutes later. I rode over while one of the cops and the manager struggled to open the man's van. (Despite them claiming it would be easy just a few minutes before.) We pulled his bags and clothes hamper into the laundromat and went through everything, letting me grab my things. I appreciate what the manager and the police did for me, and they were all very nice. I'm sorry the old man had that heart attack. But I do hope the next time the ladies want to be good Samaritans, they consider asking people who's laundry that is and maybe waiting a few minutes, instead of assuming.

After I got things organized at home, it was too late for any kind of phone calls. I barely had time for writing. Charles the Mad Hatter is the first witness at Sir Richard's trial. He's nervous as heck, chattering on about when he, Orson the March Hare, and Gary (Burghoff) the Doormouse started teatime. 

Jodie brought me her leftover crab cake, rice, and julienned root vegetables from her dinner with TJ last night. I had them with the shrimp while watching Match Game '74. They skipped the final episode of that week and went right into one with George Kirby, Betty White, Jo Ann Pflug, and a hilarious Morey Amsterdam. While George discussed his extremely bubblegum pink jacket, the ladies straightened Gene's bow tie.

Foster Brooks came over to Match Game PM for a round of drunk jokes. Gene tries showing off his body for the contestant, while Charles nudges Brett over a couple of racy answers. Foster's more nervous about helping the winner with "Goof __."

Moved online after a shower for more Mystery Science Theater 3000. Took me a long time to decide, but I went with the Joel episode Operation Double 007, aka Operation Kid Brother, or O.K Connery. Neil Connery, the younger brother of Sean, joins Adolpho Celli, Lois Maxwell, and Bernard Lee in the story of a surgeon who is searching for his Japanese girlfriend, who holds valuable information leading to the creation of a super-magnet that'll disrupt machinery across the globe. 

Uh, yeah. This 1967 Italian superspy caper is absolute late-60's cheese in its ripest form. Joel and the robots have a great time tearing the silly dialogue and obvious similarities to shreds. 

Finished the night at YouTube for the episode of Match Game '74 Buzzr skipped. I suspect it has to do with Gene Rayburn undoing the strings of Elaine Joyce's halter tops and his and Richard's attempt to "help" her fix it. There were also the obvious responses to "__ Maniac," and Richard and Brett sniping at each other in a question that asked who gave the worst answers. 

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