Monday, May 29, 2023

Living In America

Began a gorgeous morning with the Colliers Harvest of Holidays. Memorial Day began as a way to honor the dead of the Civil War, so all of their material for the holiday revolved around that conflict. "Light Bread and Apple Butter" is the sweet story of a young Union solider and his dog who befriend a southern mother and her children when she helps him out and he chops wood for her. The other stories are all poems, including "The Blue and the Gray" and "Barbara Frieichie." 

Had breakfast while watching more Hogan's Heroes. The second-to-last episode of the series has the Heroes saying "Look at All the Pretty Snowflakes" when they're recruited to shovel out a road so German soldiers can get past. Hogan wants to start an avalanche and block the soldiers, but then a nasty German general chains them together. The Heroes make use of their musical abilities (including Bob Crane's real-life drumming talents) to create enough noise to bring that snow down...with a little help from Klink and his cold!

We headed out just as the episode ended and made our way down Johnson to Cuthbert Road. Not only is the Cherry Hill Mall close enough to take the bus, but I didn't think there would be anyone out to drive us on a major holiday anyway. The bus was about five minutes late, not bad for one of the biggest holidays of the spring. There was no traffic on the road and no trouble. We arrived in Cherry Hill around quarter after 12.

Soon as we got in, we cut through the mall to the exit next to Nordstrom that's right across from the pedestrian bridge over King's Highway. Honestly, someone really needs to repair that bridge. The bridge itself is fine, but the windows in the elevator entrance were boarded up, and the elevator itself doesn't seem to be working. I pushed the button three times, and it never appeared. We just hiked up the steep stairs and across the bridge.

Lauren was the one who noticed the cards and crowds in the parking lot of the SilverDiner. There were almost as many classic cars there than there were at Collingswood on Saturday. It would seem the Silver Dollar Diner sponsored a "breakfast" car show Memorial Day morning. Alas, by the time we got there, they were shutting down. We admired a few cars and moved on.

The Silver Diner is a little chrome-and-neon eatery overlooking the hill across from the Cherry Hill Mall. They're a Maryland franchise who does diner-style food with sustainable ingredients. Lauren had a Ribeye Philly Steak. I went simpler with the Grilled Cheese Classic Combo with bacon. Oh, yum. I think Lauren somehow ended up with my Cranberry Ginger Sauce, but the sandwich tasted fine without it. It was filled with ooey gooey cheese on thick sourdough with just crunchy enough bacon and thin, salty fries. They were out of their fancy flavored sodas, so I went with a definitely different mint-cucumber lemonade and Lauren had raspberry iced tea. 

Made our way across the parking lot to Kohl's next. While they were in better shape than they were the last time I was in there, neither of us found anything. I mainly wanted to go to Target to pick up AAA batteries for that little game system I got from Round 1 on Wednesday. Also grabbed two bags of those yummy doughnut-glazed almonds. We both found Diet Mountain Dew sodas. 

Strolled back over the bridge to the Cherry Hill Mall around 2 PM. We were in and out of stores for the next couple of hours. Browsed in Go! Calendars and Toys, Build-a-Bear, and FYE, but found nothing of interest. I picked up a soft white nightgown with red ribbons and a pretty red and yellow flower print from the Macy's Backstage Area. Lauren hit up the clearance racks and found two pairs of trousers, three blouses, and a sweater for $28. (One of the blouses was a dollar!) I grabbed chinos for work and a green long-sleeved shirt on clearance at JC Penney. She picked up a really nice suit, once again on clearance. She found a nice jacket at Nordstrom, but I just went to the bathroom.

Cherry Hill just opened a tiny shop devoted entirely to Squishmallows, the popular pillow-like stuffed animals with their own names and personalities. We planned to just browse here, too...but then I saw a cute little stuffed dachshund in a hot dog roll I thought was too funny. I thought he'd be great for my niece Finley's sixth birthday in July. Since it was a buy one, get one half-off sale, I bought two cheerful cherries on a key ring hanger to keep on my purse. Lauren got a stuffed purple drink and a reversible black and purple bucket hat. She thought the drink was grape soda, but it turned out to be the cutest cup of bubble tea outside of Japan.

Lauren went back to JC Penney to use the bathroom. I settled down and snacked on almonds until she finished. The exit closest to the bus is right next to the upstairs JC Penney entrance and Old Navy. Our bus was about ten minutes late, once again not bad for the height of rush hour on a major holiday. It hit a little traffic going into Westmont, but nothing horrible. We were back at Johnson Road by quarter after 6.

Soon as we got home, we dropped everything off, then went right back out again. It was too nice of a day to hang out. It's still sunny and bright, but a stiff, cold wind kept it from getting too warm. In fact, it was downright chilly when we made our way up to Crown Chicken and Gyro for dinner. We both ordered the tilapia sandwich, with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, and fries. I had a Diet Dr. Pepper; she got a Diet Canada Dry. Oh yum. The sandwiches were crispy and hot, with slender fries so perfectly salted, I had to agree with Lauren that they were even better than McDonald's.

Threw on The Price Is Right: The Barker Era when we got home as we put everything away and Lauren packed to leave tomorrow. Bob found himself dealing with one very strange contestant who kept changing her bid and never seemed to know what she wanted to bid. Not only did she finally make her way onstage, she actually managed to get to the Showcases. She made a bid way higher than the audience approved of, but changed it when they moaned and groaned...and they actually turned out to be right, for a change...

Finished the night on Amazon Prime with Jumping Jacks. I go further into this military comedy featuring Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin as paratroopers at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

And I hope all of you had an equally fun holiday weekend! Lauren goes home late tomorrow afternoon, but I'm off for another two days after that, including Thursday for several appointments. 

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