Thursday, December 27, 2018

Come Alive

Began another gorgeous, sunny morning with more Sailor Moon. I just ordered the second half of the Sailor Moon S third season yesterday and opted to run the last two episodes on the previous set. "Art Is an Explosion of Love: Chibi-Usa's First Love" has Usagi's daughter falling for a cute guy in her art class. Trouble is, he has a crush on Michiru, who is also taking an art class, to Chibi-Usa's annoyance. Mother and daughter have far worse problems than an oblivious crush when Eudial shows up to destroy the classroom and steal his pure heart crystal!

Headed out to run errands around 11. First on the agenda was a quick volunteering session at the Oaklyn Library. They were as quiet as can be. The only people there were me, the librarian, and another volunteer. I did organize the adult DVDs, but they'd just moved the kids' titles to new shelves, and they didn't really need to be done. I was in and out in less than a half-hour.

Next stop was the Collingswood PNC Bank to deposit my Christmas money and pick up a check for the rent. They were even less busy. There was one person before me, and maybe one other one at the window. I was in and out in five minutes.

Since I was already in Collingswood, I parked my bike and went for a walk down Haddon Avenue. Now I know where everyone went this week. They went shopping. Every store I went to today was packed with post-Christmas browsers. I peeked at Oubliette, a gift shop, but while they had a lot of neat Christmas stuff, I have more Christmas decorations than I need at the moment.

I made some finds further down the street. Frugli Consignment was far less busy. I had no problem finding a colorful floral Coldwater Creek shirt that was really pretty. Did even better at InnerGroove Records. Managed to dodge hoards of collectors and teens to dig up several sets, a George Winston season-themed album, and a kids' record:

George Winson - Winter Into Spring

Certified Gold II - Another K-Tel collection, this one from 1980

WFIL History of Rock: The Fifties Part 1 - Collection of oldies music from a local radio station (which does still exist, but now mainly focuses on religion)

The Gang's All Here - Sesame Street soundtrack from 1983 with some songs I've never heard of

Those Wonderful Thirties - Collection of songs from Broadway and nightclub stars of the 1930's, some of them quite rare now. (I have another collection in this series that focuses on Hollywood stars.)

I was originally going to have lunch at Sabrina's Cafe, but they still had a long line by 1:30. Ended up at Tortilla Press instead. They were also busy, but not to the degree of Sabrina's. I ended up in the smaller room as you enter this time. Ordered my favorite mango, chicken, and brie quesadilla. Yum! It was messy, but very tasty. The salsa that came with it was so good, I ate it like a salad. The sweet potato fries I ordered were a bit burned, but not too bad.

Rode over to the Haddon Township Library after lunch. They were only slightly busier than the Oaklyn Library had been earlier in the day. I mainly shelved kids' DVDs, or tried to. Got them organized, but there were so many, a bunch of them didn't fit on the shelves. It took me so long, I just rushed out without doing anything else. Didn't take out movies this week, either. Once again, I don't know what my schedule will be like for New Year's, and I have plenty of things to watch at home.

Stopped at Target on the way home. There's two more items I really wanted to get for Christmas. I need a new hand mixer and a new robe. The cord on the hand mixer I've used for over 15 years is fraying, and I accidentally put a huge hole in the robe I got from Mom almost a decade ago. It's time to replace both. They did have a nice hand mixer, but it was 40 dollars. There was a stand mixer that was cheaper, but I don't have room for a stand mixer. Didn't see any robes there that were my size or a nice, thick plush, rather than those skimpy satin things. The only Our Generation outfits they had were sports uniforms.

As soon as I got home, I went right on the computer. Leia and Han are getting cold and tired, and they can't seem to find Luke. Leia's spirits raise when the snow suddenly vanishes and they find a beautiful old cottage and garden at the end of the path. She's sure that they'll find someone who will know where Luke is, but Han and Chewie don't trust this place...

Didn't break for dinner until past 7. I was still full from lunch and just had two slices of leftover pizza, with Cranberry Flummery for dessert. Watched more Sailor Moon while I ate. "Usagi Dances the Waltz" at a party given by an English friend of Mamoru's. She's nervous about having to speak English and gets drunk on too much wine. That's far from the worst thing that happens. Usagi sobers up fast when the party is invaded by a tone-deaf monster who wants the Englishman's pure heart!

Finished the night with The Greatest Showman, last year's big Christmas movie musical release. I go into more detail about this colorful circus tale at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

The Greatest Showman


Linda said...

If you know what you want, and the size you need, why not order the hand mixer and robe online? I got a lovely plush robe from Amazon this year. Just read all the specs on the mixer (or look up the same brand as you had last time) to make sure it's got what you want. (In the meantime, go to the hardware store and get a small roll of electrical tape for the frayed cord.)

Emma said...

I did find the hand mixer I wanted today...but you're right about the robe. I definitely think I'll look for that online. (In fact, I'm pretty sure Mom got my previous robe online, since it came from The Vermont Country Store.)