Friday, July 25, 2008

In the Summertime

As my only day off this week, today was my official errands day. I went to work to pick up my paycheck and do a fairly large grocery shopping trip (thanks to working too early to make the farm market tomorrow). The customer service line was backed-up when I arrived, and I found out why when Greg, one of the managers, asked Shane, another manager who was off today and behind me in line, if he wanted to come in to work. Apparently, the store already had three or four call-outs, and it was only noon. Everyone decided they'd rather be on vacation on such a gorgeous day than work! I might have come in to help if this wasn't my only day off.

After I finally did my shopping and got out of the Acme, I quickly headed home for lunch and to put everything away, then went back out again. I went to the bank, then for a ride into Audubon. I hadn't been to Act Two Collectibles or Abbie Road in a while, and I wanted to see if the TreeHouse Cafe had re-opened. (They moved to Audubon, across from Abbie Road on Market Street, earlier this month.) I ended up with a Chicago LP from Act Two (their first record, I believe), two used CDs and a nice chat with Bob from Abbie Road, my favorite oversized chocolate chip cookie from Desserts by Design, and the knowledge that the TreeHouse Cafe is opening tomorrow.

I finished up the day at Uncle Ken's for the laundry. Dad and Jodie were the only ones at home initially. I ate Dad's homemade Pork and Shrimp Fried Rice and chatted with them. They suggested I should try getting substitute teacher jobs in the fall. They don't require teaching certificates, just college experience. I'd like to look into being a library aid, too.

My cousin Amber, her fiancee Brian, and his one-year-old daughter Ella came over as we finished our rice. Amber, Ella, and I went swimming together in the wonderfully warm pool (it was at least 85 today). Ella is such a cutie. She loves the water and especially loves jumping into her surrogate mommy's arms!

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