Monday, July 14, 2008

No Reply

Just a quick note. I'm tired. I've had a long day. I woke up at 8AM and got a phone call from Donna, one of our head front end managers, twenty minutes later. Could I come in at 10AM? Someone in the back called out, and they had to send one of the cashiers to help them. I finally said 10:30. I needed to be able to eat breakfast and get lunch and a snack together. Work was on-and-off busy, nothing abnormal for a Monday in the middle of the summer months, to be honest. My relief was late and I was ready to brain him, but other than that, there were no major problems.

If nothing else, I did get a chance to confirm my vacation time with Donna this morning after I came in. I'll be in Pittsfield, Massachusetts visiting my best friend Lauren from September 6th to September 14th. We normally do it in mid-July (around now), but Lauren and her parents moved from North Adams to Pittsfield in May and she's still unpacking the mountains of stuff she has. (Unlike me, she didn't end up with two weeks off due to a messed-up transfer. In fact, one of the reasons they moved was to be closer to her work as a manager at a Pittsfield bank. She's been squeezing unpacking between work, chatting with me, going out with her folks, and her brother's visit from Texas with his family in mid-June.)


Linda said...

September will be a much better time to visit anyway. Still a little early for leaves, even in the Berkshires, though. Pittsfield is lovely. My friend Sue and her husband Billy live there. I can't remember; does Lauren have a car? You should go to Deerfield, or drive up to Rockingham to the Vermont Country Store--you'd love it. It's right off the freeway.

Emma said...

Lauren LOVES her little green SUV! I'll suggest both of those to her. Thanks! :D