Thursday, April 04, 2013

It's Baseball Season, Charlie Brown

Began the day with two Peanuts specials revolving around the "Great American Pastime" in honor of baseball starting this week. Charlie Brown's All-Stars was one of the earliest specials...which is pretty obvious when you see that the plot revolves around Charlie Brown not getting uniforms for the gang because a local hardware store won't sponsor a team with a dog and several girls. It's Spring Training, Charlie Brown  pretty much revolved around an updated version of the same storyline. This time, the sponsor merely requires that the kids actually win a game. For a team that's lost hundreds of times, this seems nearly impossible, until Freida's little brother Leland decides he wants to join the big kids...

I woke up so late, I didn't get much done besides that before heading off to work. Thank heavens work was busy, but not nearly as frustrating or as overwhelmingly crazy as yesterday. Also helped that I didn't work as long or as late. There were a few annoying beginning-of-the-month customers, otherwise I was in and out with no major problems.

I decided that I wanted a real, decent dinner after a long couple of days. I treated myself to a slice of bruschetta (tomato chunks and olive oil) and a slice of broccoli, spinach, and red pepper pizza and a bottle of water at Tu Se Bella's after I left the Acme. They were still very busy at 7PM; thankfully, most everyone seemed to be in the main dining area. I was able to grab one of the seats up front.

Lauren wasn't going to be in until later; she and her folks were seeing Leon Redbone in concert in Northampton. I decided to take advantage of the extra time and have a nice, long bath before going online instead of the usual quick shower. It was a great idea. A nice, long soak felt absolutely amazing after a busy week.

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