Sunday, April 07, 2013

Perfect Spring Weather

It couldn't have been nicer when I got up this morning. Sunshine poured into my window; the sky was pale blue and cloudless. I celebrated the arrival of real spring weather with this week's Brunch With the Beatles and Strawberry Oatmeal Pancakes. Today's theme was "Apple Records," the company the Beatles set up to distribute their records and other musicians' work in the late 60s and early 70s. Among the Beatles songs we heard were "Come Together," "The Long and Winding Road," "Revolution," and "The Story of John and Yoko." Solo Apple Records tunes included George's "It's a Pity" and "My Sweet Lord," Paul's "Uncle Albert" and "Maybe I'm Amazed," John's "Instant Kharma" and "Power to the People," and Ringo's "It Don't Come Easy."

I called Mom during the second half of the show. We didn't talk for long. She said she wasn't feeling well, and she had my sister Anny and her son Skylar there. After I let her go, I called my sister Rose to wish her a happy birthday. Didn't get her, either. She must have been out with her family or at work.

After the show ended and I finished the dishes, I went for a walk to Dad's to say "hi" to him and pick up the pan I used for the cupcakes last week. Dad was outside when I arrived, taking his indoor plants to the side of the porch so they could get sunshine and hose water. He's having some kind of surgery this week. Nothing too major, but it does mean he won't be moving too well for a while. He's also in the midst of getting the pool area redone. The concrete has been torn up; Dad says later this week, then men will be back to lay the new concrete and work on the pool itself.

It was a beautiful day for a walk. The air was even warmer at quarter of 2 than it had been in the late morning. I was fine in my green sweater. The flowers are all in bloom now, sprays of forsythia exploding against bare brown limbs. The trees are just showing the first signs of the palest green leaves and flower buds. Everyone was out and about. College students walked dogs. Parents rode bikes and played catch with their children. Adults stood in groups on porches or next to their cars, or pulled out the lawn mower or weed whacker for the first time this year.

When I got in, I dusted the living room and listened to a few children's and fantasy recordings. In addition to the MGM soundtrack for Kismet, I ran two of my better kids' albums, the 70s Peter Pan version of Alice In Wonderland and The World of Strawberry Shortcake from Kids Stuff. I wasn't able to finish dusting the bedroom before I had to have a quick leftovers lunch and prepare for work. I'll do that tomorrow.

Work wasn't too bad. It was mildly busy on and off, and there were a few annoying customers, but by and large, it wasn't anything like last week. I got in and out with no problems.

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