Wednesday, April 03, 2013

No Time for Spring

I spent a sunny, windy morning starting this month's cleaning. I had just enough time to do the bathroom. The bathtub in particular was grungy, not a surprise considering how often I used it last month! I tried the baking soda/vinegar combination on my slow-moving bathroom sink again. We'll see if it actually works.

I barely got to lunch and an episode of Sailor Moon to go with the last of Barbie and the Pink Shoes. Giselle, one of the ballets excerpted in Pink Shoes, is also at the heart of one of the episodes of Sailor Moon's dream-themed fourth season. Serena and Rini are delighted to take free ballet lessons, hoping to become prima ballerinas and win a part in a local production of Giselle. While they have a long way to go, villain Fish Eye has the perfect skills for dancing, though her movements are too cold to be human. When she catches the eye of the dance teacher who is staging the show, she seems to displace Keriko, his original choice for Giselle, in his heart and on-stage. Serena and Rini are determined to help Keriko prove that it takes heart, not just skill, to really succeed at ballet.

Unlike yesterday, work was crazy almost all day long. It was also a total and complete pain in the rear. People were obnoxious and rude. They were demanding and often refused to help do much of anything. I had to check prices at least three times that someone neglected to read correctly. Granted, a lot of things were put on the wrong shelves during last week's Easter rush, but still. By 8PM, I was tired and frustrated and ready to tear my hair out. I bought a chocolate cream pie mix on clearance and milk and got out as quickly as I could.

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