Monday, October 27, 2014

Bowery Monster Mash

Began another gorgeous fall morning with a spooky episode of Get Smart from the first season. Max thinks a "Weekend Vampire" is killing off control agents with an object that leaves two puncture-like marks in the victim. The Chief has a different idea and sends 99 and Max after a former Control scientist who was fired after performing strange experiments.

Switched to a pair of scary animated shorts as I got ready for work. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit has to deal with "Spooks" when his girlfriend Kitty makes a deal with a Phantom of the Opera-like character. Daffy Duck has his only go-around with Witch Hazel in "A Haunting We Will Go." When his niece runs home frightened because she just saw a real witch, he's determined to show her that witches aren't real. This witch isn't real...not exactly. A tired Hazel turned Speedy into a witch and leaves him to take care of her home, which leads to all kinds of complications when Daffy turns up trying to figure out who this lady is!

Work was fairly quiet for most of the day...until rush hour, when it once again got busy. Other than I was tired and frustrated with myself, work went fairly quickly. My relief was late, but a manager was nice enough to come in for me.

When I got home, I changed into regular clothes, then ran the Bowery Boys as I made Peanut Butter Cookie Bars. The Bowery Boys Meet the Monsters is probably the most popular of the five horror-themed movies done throughout the series. Sach and Slip want to talk to the Gravesends into turning their lot into a park for the local kids. The Gravesends, however, have other ideas. Two mad scientists want Sach and Slip's heads for their robot and gorilla. The younger woman is a vampiress and is out for blood...literally. Granny wants to feed them to her man-eating tree! The Boys now just hope they can get themselves and their heads out in one piece!

The Boys weren't the only ones who dealt with horror and scary characters. Larry Appleton learns a lesson in the power of the imagination in the fourth season Perfect Strangers episode "Aliens." After watching 12 hours of a horror movie marathon at a Halloween party, Larry dreams that Balki is an alien who is bent on taking over the Earth!

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