Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Hot Hot Hot!

Started the morning with breakfast and more WENN. It's "Magic" in the second-season finale when Hilary Booth and Jeff Singer introduce the listening audience to their mind-reading act. But there's more than one illusion going on at the station. A sponsor turns out to be more treacherous than believed....and former station manager Victor Comstock, who was thought to be killed in the London Blitz, may still be among the living.

Did some writing after breakfast. Determined to find out what the mysterious woodsman is hiding, Betty lights a candle and walks downstairs - the woodsman is on a couch while she sleeps in his bed. She holds the light over his face. She's not entirely surprised to find Scott Sherwood, the thief who had claimed to be a prince. What does surprise her is the fur that grows along his face when she exposes it to the light.

She accidentally drops tallow on Scott's arm, which awakens him. He tells her the truth. He didn't really run out after Pruitt discovered his lies and how he stole from the treasury. He was arrested and thrown in the dungeon. Pruitt tried to force him to work for the Shadow Realm, but he refused.

Pruitt cast an evil curse over the false prince. Scott turns into a demon whenever he's in the light. Even the smallest ray of light can trigger his transformation, as the light from Betty's candle did. Darkness restores his human form. Though Pruitt intended for him to be easier to control as a demon, Scott rebelled and ultimately escaped. Pruitt thought his men shot him down and killed him. Scott actually landed in the forest. Mr. Eldridge nursed him back to health.

I got so into my writing, it was well past noon before I headed out. My first stop was the Oaklyn Library for this week's volunteering session there. They were surprisingly busy for the first day of school for most Camden County students. A mother and her three very young daughters were enjoying stories. I settled for organizing DVD's.

Headed to Haddonfield next. It was a long, hot trip. It got into the lower 90's today. Thankfully, for once, it wasn't really humid, just very hot. A nice breeze did help somewhat. I was still dripping when I arrived at the Bistro.

They were very busy when I went inside, but were gradually clearing out even as I ordered a Pear Spinach Salad for lunch. Yum. This is one of their specialties. Sliced pears, candied walnuts, bacon, and blue cheese are crumbled over a bed of spinach. No wonder it's so popular. It's just the perfect melding of flavors. Had a much-needed Iced Green Tea with it.

It was too hot to linger outside. I just went to counseling a little early. Once again, I mostly had good things to report to Mrs. Stahl. We did discuss my lack of finances, which is really my only big problem right now, as well as the gift cards I earned at work, Labor Day, my stroll in Atlantic City, Khai starting school, finishing The Little Mer-Betty and beginning Once Upon a Time In the Land of WENN, and my anxiety with talking to my bosses.

Other than the money trouble, I'm pretty happy right now. Writing is such a huge part of my life. It's what I do. I'm not a cashier. I'm a writer. I'm a storyteller. I create stories. I don't know what unleashed my imagination - seeing that 40's play with Rose in March, the creativity class I took in February and March, watching WENN again. Or maybe I just needed it. This time last year, I really couldn't come up with any ideas. Now, I feel like they're coming out of my ears! I have so many story ideas, I have a list of WENN fanfiction alone that'll probably take me into next spring, or even longer...and that's not counting the non-fanfic short kids' stories I have planned.

It was so hot, I needed to stop at Primo's Water Ice in Westmont on the way home. So did everyone else in Haddon Township. Needless to say, on a day where the high was 94, they were mobbed. It didn't help that it was quarter after 3 at this point, and a lot of the kids had just gotten out of school. I'm just glad it didn't take me that long to get my medium Chocolate-Covered Strawberry Water Ice. That turned out to be delicious, by the way. It was mini-chocolate chips in strawberry water ice, and it really did kind of taste like a chocolate-covered strawberry.

I went straight home to avoid the heat. When I got in, I returned to WENN as I got organized. Betty Roberts is wondering "Who's Scott Sherwood?" after Victor Comstock's revelation in the third season opener. So is nasty financier Rollie Pruitt, who fires Scott for embezzlement. The others rally to Scott's defense. Betty's not sure he's worth defending, especially after she finds out that Scott wasn't entirely above-board about how he got the station manager's job in the first place...

Went to Rose's house on Kendall for dinner around quarter of 5. It was her, Khai, me, and the dogs Toby and Kelsey (and Khai's fish that he got from the Spring Fling in May). Craig left for late-night work at Anthony's Restaurant almost as soon as I arrived. We had tacos, green beans (Khai's choice), and a brown rice/grains medley Rose heat up in the microwave. Yum. Khai was tired from school, but he did eventually eat his hard-shell taco and all the rest of the cheese in the bowl. (He apparently inherited his mother's love of cheese.) I liked the soft-shells shaped like bowls better.

Rose and I did have a discussion about my fiances when Khai went to watch cartoons after he gave up on dinner. She had a similar suggestion as Mrs. Stahl about cutting out non-essential items. She also suggested I start a second savings account for non-emergency needs, like vacations and clothes and dolls and electronics. We'll see what happens when I have the money to put in a second savings account.

Rose isn't into sweets, but Khai and I did have dessert. Khai had Smarties from his stash. I had Bryers' mint chocolate chip, one of the best versions of mint chocolate chip on the market.

Stopped at WaWa on the way home. I meant to get milk on the way back from Haddonfield, but totally forgot. I originally wanted eggs, too, but they were out. I just picked up my milk and headed back to my place.

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