Friday, September 04, 2015

Welcome to the Holiday Weekend

Started off the morning with some Backyardigans. Tyrone, as the sailor Sinbad, wants to make it to the end of the rainbow all by himself in "Sinbad Sails Alone." Pablo insists on coming along. He tries hard to help, but he accidentally knocks their food and water overboard. They have to stop at the homes of Siren Uniqua and Medusa Tasha and play their games of "Siren" Says and Freeze Tag in order to restock supplies. It's not until they do make it to the end of the rainbow that Tyrone gets into trouble...and realizes that everyone, even great sailors, need a little help every now and then.

Work was steady for most of my short shift. We're coming up on Labor Day Weekend. Anyone who didn't go away for the holiday is stocking up for school next week and for end-of-the-summer barbecues. The worst that happened was my relief was a little late. I just got out on time. Other than that, no really major problems. In fact, I got another $5 gift card for getting a compliment on a survey.

Mixed feelings on my schedule. In good news, I have Labor Day off, which is not something I expected. I did work it last year. I also have Tuesday off for counseling. In annoying news, I still have fewer hours than usual, and I have a really early day next Friday. (I think I might push the Haddon Township Library run to Friday, since I get off at 1 that day and they're obviously not going to be open on Monday. I can do the Oaklyn Library on Tuesday before counseling.)

I had a slightly larger grocery trip this week than I have for a while, especially since I wasn't able to get everything I needed last week. A lot of it was restocking - diced tomatoes, black beans, canned chicken, fruit spread (Polaner's was on sale - went with Seedless Raspberry), peanut butter (Skippy was on sale - got Natural Creamy With Honey), cake mix, cereal (treated myself to a favorite of mine, Kashi's Autumn Wheat), and buttermilk. The turkey tenderloins I loved so much were still on sale. Found two containers of crab cakes with $3 manager's coupons on them. They'll be great for quick meals this week.

As soon as I got home, I changed, put everything away, then went into writing. I spent a lot of the morning writing as well. Gertie introduces Betty to a secret she has hidden away in their shop. Gertie and Betty's mother were once members of the Guardians of Magic, an elite group of knights and sorcerers who used their powers to defend the kingdom. The Shadow Realm killed many of them off, including Betty's mother, and the others fled. She presents Betty with a sword that goes with the locket from her mother around her neck. She reveals that Betty is the successor to the Light Magic Guardian, and she'll teach her how to use her newfound magic.

Gertie never gets a chance to. One quiet day, riders in dark uniforms thunder into Pittsburgh Village. They reveal that the Shadow Realm has officially annexed Wennaria. All magic and magical artifacts now belong to them, and anyone possessing magical artifacts will turn them over. Betty recognizes the tall head knight. He speaks with the accent of the Lone Star Kingdom...a bad one....

Finished the night with leftovers and more Backyardigans. "Cops and Robots" is one of my favorite episodes. Tyrone and Uniqua are the cops of the title, chasing "bad bots" Tasha and Pablo across the galaxy. If Tasha and Pablo manage to get into the robot factory, they'll turn all the robots bad!

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