Monday, August 08, 2016

All Aboard for Adventure

Began a hazy, sunny morning with Danger Mouse. The seventh season episode "Danger Mouse On the Orient Express" takes the rodent secret agent on the famous train. He's hoping to stop Baron Greenback from paving over all the great sights in Europe (including Venice's Grand Canals), forcing people to attend his museum. He had a paper giving him permission to do this, but Penfold got it, then lost it to a hungry fish. Penfold tries to explain this to his friend, while Greenback sends a convention of criminals on the train to get it back.

Went into writing for the rest of the morning and early afternoon. Luke is absolutely thrilled to be at the Cottages. He wants to practice his surfing with his buddies, so he can join a big surfing contest in a few weeks. Leia's mind is more on her upcoming internship with Senator Martha Mothma and heading for Drexel in the fall.

When I got off, I ran another train-themed episode while eating a quick leftovers lunch. Danger Mouse is hardly the only animated character to run into crafty criminals on the Orient Express. Austin of The Backyardigans has his own problems pursuing Pablo, "Le Master of Disguise." The clever penguin can dress like anyone, and keeps alluding Inspector Austin of the Paris Police. With a train full of suspects, including Conductor Uniqua, Cow-moose Tyrone, and Circus Acrobat Tasha, Austin tries to solve the mystery and find that penguin, before the train stops in Istanbul!

Headed to work after the cartoon ended. I spent the entire first half doing what few returns there were. I did have to do carts and baskets during the second half, but it wasn't a problem. It did pick up a little during rush hour, but otherwise, it just wasn't that busy. I had help for most of the afternoon, too. I was in and out with no trouble.

After I got home, I went straight in the bath. Ahhhh. That felt wonderful. I used the last of my rose bath salts while looking over vintage Christmas With Southern Living books for holiday gift ideas and listening to Jazz for the Open Road.

Did an episode of Rick Steves' Europe during dinner. We head back to Scandinavia for an encounter with the flower-loving, open-minded Dutch in Amsterdam. While a discussion of fine art and adult pleasures in Amsterdam was certainly eye-opening, my favorite part was the second half, detailing the side trips into the country. A good portion of the Netherlands has actually been reclaimed from the sea. As someone who grew up by the ocean, I loved how the salt has actually made the reclaimed land perfect for growing flowers and building windmills.

Finished the night by returning to Lego Star Wars: The Original Saga. There's a series of bonus rounds just off the main Mos Eisley Cantina hub. The first one was evidently the original version of the Pod Race from The Phantom Menace. Ugh. It was even longer and harder than the original. It took me forever to get through it, especially with the boulders that block your path in the Tusken Raiders area. If you so much as even touch the boulder, your pod racer comes apart! No wonder they replaced it.

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