Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Piece of Chocolate Honey Bun Cake

Kicked off the day at work. The weather was right for it. It was sunny, breezy, and mostly dry. The overbearing heat and humidity of the past few weeks had finally dissipated. Ironically, I only did about 40 minutes' worth of cart-gathering this morning and another 40 minutes after lunch. I picked up trash and baskets, but I was mostly in the registers or mopping up the perpetually leaking freezers. I really, really wish someone would just repair the darn things!

Evidently, there are rumors that they're going to take out the self-check-out and replace it with a Starbucks. First of all, I'm all for getting rid of the self-check-out, but it's in the middle of the main exit area. Why put a coffee shop there, especially when the bakery sells perfectly good coffee? If you must have a Starbucks at all, there's a whole mall behind us, with several empty stores. Starbucks should move over there and let us spend the money on things we need, like repairing the freezers.

It was such a nice day, I rode home the long way via Nicholson Road. Rush hour was just kicking in, but I didn't mind dodging the traffic. Once I got over the hill and onto Atlantic, it wasn't so bad. I saw a lot of other bikers out, too, including a whole pack of pre-teens on their way down Atlantic.

When I got in, I spent the next few hours writing. The Beast is very protective of Leia's family's treasure. He attacks Leia every time she comes near it. Yes, she does want to bring her father's treasure home, she tells him, but what she really wants is to find her friend Han. To her surprise, the dogfish seems to recognize the Beast. Could this be the friend he was searching for?

Broke around 6 to eat leftovers for dinner and try some more baking while it's still cool enough to do so. I decided to make a Chocolate Honey Bun Cake, a variation on Honey Bun Coffee Cake from The Cake Doctor cookbook made with Devil's Food Cake mix instead of yellow mix. The "honey bun" is a honey/brown sugar combo that's swirled through the cake batter. Very sweet and very tasty.

Ran Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach while baking. Everyone's favorite goofy cops are in Miami for a convention and to see their beloved Commandant Lassard get an award and announce his retirement. Nasty Captain Harris is desperate to replace him.As the group arrives, Lassard accidentally mixes up his luggage with a group of diamond thieves. While the cadets enjoy the amenities at the hotel and beach and befriend Lassard's nephew Nick, the thieves desperately try to get the jewels back. They finally kidnap Lassard to ransom him for the jewels. When Harris goes after them and gets caught as well, Nick and the cadets jump into action!

The Police Academy films are all guilty pleasures, and this is an old favorite of mine, probably because it used to turn up on cable a lot in the late 80's-early 90's. There's at least slightly more plot and an ending that actually ties into the rest than most of the other movies, and some of the slapstick is hilarious. If you're a fan of this series, this one is a lot of fun.

After the movie ended, I tried some video games. I got as far as round 1-3 on Super Mario 2 on Super Mario All-Stars. I forgot you have to start over after you lose all your lives. I didn't get much further on Lego Indy 2. I can't figure out how to find more bonus rounds.

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