Monday, August 29, 2016

The Tale of the Merc With the Mouth

I way overslept this morning and just barely made it to work on time. I wish I hadn't. Work was a pain. Every time I'd try to get something done, one of the managers would call me to do something else. I'd start mopping the freezer leaks, then someone would want me to return cold items...and while I was doing that, I'd get called to do carts. And then another manager would want me to mop up the dirty spots in the narrow alley between register 1 and the self-checkout registers. They even called me during my break. I was trying to help the other bagger round up carts when I got called in again. I got stuck on the register for a half-hour. Today was the last day of a huge 4-day sale, and we were really busy. I was not very happy when I got out.

When I got home, I changed and rested for a little while, mainly reading the novelization of Raiders of the Lost Ark. It was quarter of 4 when I finally got moving to do the laundry. I didn't have a huge load, but I did want to get my work clothes done. I'm actually glad I waited. The laundromat was pin-drop quiet when I got in. The only other people there were the anchors on NBC's 4 o'clock news show. It did pick up a little later, but by that time, my clothes were in the drier.

Spent the rest of the afternoon working on fanfic. Leia asks Ezra where Hera and the rest of the crew of the Ghost are. Here, Hera is a fisherwoman, and Zeb and Chopper are part of her crew. Kanan works at Ackbar's as a cook. He's teaching Ezra about surfing, having been one of the youngest members of the Jedi Knights before they disbanded.

Ate leftover summer vegetable-ground chicken casserole and honey-glazed carrots while watching Deadpool. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) is "The Merc With the Mouth," a wisecracking mercenary who tracks down deadbeats and guys making love with other people's women for a price. He himself is happy in with life, having found a wonderful girlfriend in Vanessa (Morena Baccarin)...until he's diagnosed with terminal cancer. An agent claims there's a government project that can "cure" him. The cure turns out to be far worse than the sickness when he's tortured and maimed by an insane doctor, Ajax (Ed Skrein) and his assistant Angel (Gina Carano). When he escapes the labs, he covers his damaged body with a red suit and calls himself Deadpool. Now he's out for revenge on Ajax and the people who did this to him...if Colossus and one of the teen mutant girls of the X-Men can't slow him down first...

So, yeah, the R-rating on this one is justified, from a couple of sex scenes to lots of swearing, blood, and violence, not to mention the fairly graphic torture sequence. Reynolds' constant stream of jokes (along with his breaking the fourth - and probably fifth and sixth - walls) makes the blood a lot more bearable. Colossus and his friend seem kind of shoehorned in to make this feel more like an X-Man film, though they are a big help in the end.

While I didn't love it as much as Ant-Man, this was still fun, and once again another try at something different. The black comedy lifts this one out of the current glut of superhero films and gives it a different, wackier feel. I can't emphasize enough that this is NOT for kids, or even young teens. For older teenagers on up, especially comics fans, if you love superheroes or black comedy, you'll probably have a lot of fun with this.

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