Monday, October 03, 2016

Back to the (Lego) Stars

Began a cloudy and humid morning with breakfast and some Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny's Howl-oween Special is another collection of bits and pieces from shorts, based around Witch Hazel trying to get Bugs in her cauldron. Not the greatest thing, but I do give them credit for at least using horror shorts and one that's actually set at Halloween (unlike the Bugs Easter special that barely mentioned Easter).

Work was a pain in the rear today. I did manage to get some returns done this morning, but it picked up around noon and stayed crazy. I spent more than an hour dealing with harried beginning-of-the-month people, half of whom didn't have enough money to buy three-fourths of what they'd put in their carts. It was frustrating. I saw cans of the Acme's previous organic brand of pumpkin and the Pearson's Nut Rolls on the clearance shelves. I grabbed a can and a Nut Roll and headed out as soon as I could.

It doesn't help that the remodeling began towards the end of last week. The paper goods (cards, paper towels, tissues, toilet paper) were moved; the floor underneath them is being torn apart, hopefully for new freezers. The former cafe area has been blocked off. The deli and bakery are going to be expanded with new freezers. (Fine by me. The so-called "cafe" area consisted of a couple of rickety wooden chairs and tables and displays of whatever junk food is in season. Other than the displays, it was fairly useless. Also, according to the deli and bakery people, it tended to encourage theft. People would take food to the cafe tables, eat it there, and leave without paying for it.)

Spent the next few hours working on the next story. Rey Rider, a young lady living in New York in 1948, is pretty content. She's a member of the Resistance Kids, a group of young adults who try to keep their neighborhood safe from the nasty First Order Gang. She and her friends Finn and Jessika work for Hank Solomon, a gruff but kind older man who runs a garage down the street from their apartment building.

Right now, they have three concerns. One is what they're going to do for Halloween. The second is how they're going to get Hank back together with his estranged wife, ex-police commissioner Leia Organa Solomon. The third is how to keep the First Order Gang off their backs while they do the first two.

Ran more Bowery Boys while eating leftovers for dinner, and then while cleaning the bathroom. Spook Busters is their first horror movie under the Bowery Boys name. The Boys are exterminators running their own business who are hired to clear out an old mansion that once belonged to a magician. They're spooked by the aging residence's many tricks...but it's the discovery of a mad scientist who wants to transfer Sach's brain to a gorilla that really frightens them! Meanwhile, Gabe Dell makes his first appearance in the series as a buddy of theirs who is just back from the Merchant Marines, completely with a pretty French wife.

Incidentally, the bathroom wasn't too bad. It didn't take me very long. A big of a surprise, given I was around for most of last month. I guess it's because the weather's been so nice.

Finished the night with Lego Star Wars: The Original Saga. Did Free Play for the two Theed Castle rounds. (Skipped the pod race for now. I just am not up to dealing with that.) I can't believe how many little nooks and crannies there are in that castle that I wasn't able to properly explore the first time. All those extra characters do have their uses. Jedi who can use the Force can move sparkling objects. High jumpers like Jar Jar and General Grevious can reach objects in out-of-the-way places. Short characters - young Anakin, the Jawas - can crawl through small entrances and get to places where no one else can fit.

I got all but one piece for "Retake Theed Castle" and five for "Escape From Theed Castle," and the red brick for both. I missed True Jedi on "Retake" - I'll try again on another go-around.

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