Friday, October 14, 2016

Beautiful Day In Cherry Hill

Began a beautifully sunny fall day with breakfast and My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. Apple Bloom's cousin Babs Seed is visiting from Manehattan. She and the other Cutie Mark Crusaders are excited when they discover she doesn't have her cutie mark yet - they're hoping it means they have something in common. She turns out to be "One Bad Apple" when Diamond Tiara and her friend start teasing them, and she joins in. The Crusaders want to get even...but they regret their decision when Applejack explains that Babs has her reasons for wanting to avoid teasing.

Headed out to the White Horse Pike around quarter after 11. After picking up money at WaWa, I locked my bike on the fence behind the former restaurant supply store, then crossed the street to pick up the bus. I waited for over 20 minutes, but it never came. I saw a bus turn in the opposite direction, but they never came down that way.

I had forgotten that the repairs on Cuthbert Road are still continuing. The bus probably had to take an alternate route. I ended up taking my bike over to the Acme and parking it there, then walking a couple of blocks down Nicholson. This time, the bus was only a few minutes late. And yes, I was right, it was taking a different route, going down Merchant Street to avoid the worst of the repairs on Cuthbert. Otherwise, there were no major problems on the road, and no traffic.

After peeking at the guide books at Jay Street Video Games (I was hoping to find one for Lego Star Wars - nope), I headed to the JC Penney at the end of the level. It took me forever just to find the women's plus sizes. I don't know why they're on the bottom floor when all the other women's clothing is on the second floor. At the very least, it didn't take me long to find what I was looking for. Both of my winter work pants are too small. I picked up a pair of St. John's Bay khakis to replace at least one. (The other may have to wait a few months.) Also found a t-shirt that was a nice shade of yellow-orange on clearance for $3.97.

Had a quick lunch downstairs at the food court. It looks like Moorestown's Charley's Steaks and Fries moved to Cherry Hill. I had a small chicken cheese steak with their warm, tasty skin-on fries and a Diet Coke. (Took time-out to use the restroom here as well.) Watched parents and college-age young adults and families with young children enjoy their meal time together.

I'm glad it was such a glorious day! The view from the pedestrian bridge to the shopping center across the way was amazing. It was barely in the 60's, warm, but breezy, with a cool wind that stirred a few pine needles as I strolled down to Target.

Target was a lot busier, maybe because it was past 3 PM by then. I was mostly there for underwear. I know I could probably get underwear at Wal Mart, but Target has a better selection, and they actually keep them in-stock. I looked at toys, and I looked at Halloween costume pieces, but finally decided I didn't have the money for any of it with the underwear, too. Ended up treating myself to smaller food items - those yummy pumpkin spice marshmallows I found last year, Caramel Apple cake mix (they didn't have that divine Maple Bacon Cookie Mix - boo!), apple Peeps with salted caramel bottoms (they were a little odd, but not bad), and a bottle of Cherry Vanilla Pepsi. Picked up a 2-pack of Secret deodorant for $3.97. Secret is expensive, and two dollars for each isn't bad.

After Target, I took a quick look at Kohl's and at the Disney Store on my way back. I was hoping for Rogue One merchandise in the latter. Not much yet, but I did see lots of items for their new animated film coming out this fall, the Polynesian-themed Moeana. I also saw American Girl items at Kohl's, including the cute elementary school-age-oriented dolls the Wellie Wishers, and the 2016 Girl of the Year Lea. Some of Lea's outfits were lovely, but her theme is exploring the rain forests. None of my dolls are into the tropics or hiking.

Took the 5:30 bus home. Thankfully, it was only about five minutes or so late. There was some traffic in Cherry Hill and in Westmont coming off the Cooper River Bridge. The repairs on Cuthbert were done for the day, so we were able to continue the route normally this time.

Since I was getting off at the Audubon Shopping Center, I decided to get what very little grocery shopping I had planned done. I really didn't need much. I ate out a lot this week. I just bought navy beans and tomato sauce to replace what I used in the soup yesterday. Needed cooking spray - I'm almost out. Eggs were $1.29 (and they'll be even cheaper on Sunday and Monday - 49 cents!).

Got my schedule too, since I was there. It's the best schedule I've had in months. One early day on Thursday, one slightly late day on Monday, and I'll have to miss the Eagles game Sunday. Otherwise, Tuesday and next Saturday off, and more hours.

Went straight home after that. After I put everything away, I heated up leftover bean soup for dinner. Ate while I played Lego Star Wars. Jumped around a bit tonight. Started with the very complicated "Dagobah" in The Empire Strikes Back. Having a wide variety of characters and abilities at my command really helped with this one. This time, I got 7 pieces and the red brick. On my first go-around, I couldn't find any pieces.

Didn't have nearly as much luck with "Death Star Escape" in New Hope. On one hand, I was able to get more pieces and the red brick. I still had so much trouble with that one part where you have to attempt to assemble a mosaic while being shot at by hoards of soldiers, I finally exited early.

"Battle of Kashyyak" in Revenge of the Sith had a similar problem. I did fine in the Wookie village, picking up a couple more pieces and the red brick...but once you get out of the village, you enter a battle zone. It's hard to do anything when you're constantly being pelted with gunfire from clones and battle droids, even when you have Sith, Jedi, and Wookies on your side. Never got True Jedi, but I did get more than half the pieces.

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