Sunday, March 05, 2017

I Wish I Could Re-Write My Work Day

Got a quick start this morning with cereal, half of a grapefruit, and music. I missed my K-Tel records when the needle was broken. For those who are new to my blog, the K-Tel albums of the 1970's were collections of whatever happened to be hits at the time...and some of those songs are fairly obscure today, like "One Man Woman" and "Stumblin' In." (Although I think my favorite number on the album I listened to this morning was the theme from The Rockford Files. I used to like that show when it turned up on Spike TV in re-runs.)

Just barely made it to work on time. Wish I hadn't. Work was a total pain today. First of all, while the wind has died down, it was still cold. Second, we were mobbed for a lot of the day. It's the beginning of the month, and we're having huge sales. Third, every time I'd try to do one thing, someone would call me to do three others. It took me forever to get anything done, especially in the morning. Fourth, the two teenagers who were supposed to be  helping me do carts were utterly useless. They wouldn't push more than two or three carts per round and kept taking forever to get the carts back up front. And guess who the manager yelled at for not getting the carts done faster? Me, of course. The one pushing seven or eight carts at a time. People were also in just plain bad moods, including employees.

I couldn't get out of there quick enough. Took the long way home down Nicholson Road to cheer myself up after my frustrating work day. For all the chilly temperatures, at least it was sunny, and the wind was long gone. Everyone must have been at the Acme, because Nicholson was surprisingly quiet for Sunday afternoon. I had no trouble getting home.

Messed around with Pinterest and worked on my story when I got home. I'm trying to simplify things. Leia's now supposed to find out more about the plans from Vader and from her contacts in Naboo. She agrees to it readily, despite it being dangerous and requiring her to play a vacuous socialite. I also eliminated a lot of exposition from the opening and mildly revised the sequence at Maz's Tavern.

Finished the night with leftover turkey burgers, roasted broccoli, and baked fries for dinner. Made Fudgy Brownies and went online while listening to a couple of obscure Broadway cast albums from the 1950's and 60's. Goldilocks isn't a fairy tale. It's the story of a Broadway actress in the 1910's (Elaine Strich) who is about to retire from show business, but is talked into doing a huge epic movie by a very stubborn director (Don Ameche). Typical story enlivened by some good material, including "Who's Been Sitting In My Chair?" and "I Never Know When" for Stritch.

Destry Rides Again is an adaptation of the western novel, with Andy Griffith as the violence-hating sheriff in a small town overrun by desperadoes and Dolores Gray as the saloon girl who loathes, then loves him. It got a minor hit out of "That Ring On the Finger," but otherwise was mainly notable for some fabulous western dances and for the fits Gray threw during its run.

With Sherlock Holmes once again popular on both sides of the Atlantic, I thought it was a good time for Baker Street. Another obscure adaptation of classic literature, this one comes from the 1960's. Inga Swenson is Irene Adler and Fritz Weaver is Holmes in this retelling of A Scandal In Bohemia. It's mainly known for interpolating several tunes by Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock, including the show's best number, "It's London Again" for Swenson.

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