Sunday, March 26, 2017

It's Always Something

I had barely enough time for breakfast and my Mousercise record after I did my morning reading and writing before work. This was Disney's exercise-themed album from the aerobics craze of the 1980's, and one of the first kids' records we got. I was delighted to find it again at a yard sale a few years ago. While there's a couple of cute numbers on here, my favorite has always been the hilarious "Get the Money (Uncle Scrooge's Money)," with the Beagle Boys' attempting to steal from Uncle Scrooge's money bin (at least five or six years before the debut of Duck Tales).

Work was a total pain in the rear. We were busy for most of the day, thanks to a huge four-say sale. I'd no sooner start bagging for someone than another person would want me to return something, and then someone else would want me to check a price. All I did was panic. About the only thing I got completely done was mopping the bathroom floors this morning. It got worse in the afternoon, when the other bagger who was doing carts went home. I had no help with the carts, and they kept calling me in to return cold items or gather baskets. The one other bagger ended up in a register. They even called me to do returns while I was on break! I'd bring carts to the front, and they'd vanish in seconds. I never did get caught up with them.

I couldn't get home fast enough. When I got in, I went right on the computer to cheer myself up with some writing. Leia, Cedric, and Rusty get involved in a food fight after the Crimson Hawk leaves that eventually encompasses half the fair. Leia gives Rusty the blueprints and tells him and Cedric to get them to an authority figure - her aunt and uncle, or Senator Mothma, or Sir Benjamin Kenton. Leia no sooner sends them off than she's promptly captured by Baron Vader, who knows she has some kind of involvement with one group of rebels or the other.

Meanwhile, Rusty has dragged Cedric over to a junk pile behind the old stone fortress on the edge of the park. The Junk Pickers, a group of peasants who gather cast-off items for their junk  yards and sell them, frequently round up trash from here. They stow away on their cart for a quick ride out of the fair under Vader's nose.

Broke for dinner around quarter of 6. I had leftovers while listening to Donna Summer, then played more Kirby's Epic Yarn. Finished out Treat Land. My favorite level in this land is by far the music-themed one. Walking on pianos and swinging across harps create musical notes with beads in them. Kirby gets to jump on cymbals and pound drums. I didn't do very well at it, but it was still cute. Had to do the "Squashini" boss round twice to get the extra rounds, but I did get them. I did better with the train round (when I finally figured out how to draw the tracks) than the haunted house-themed one.

Next time I play, I'll be doing the water-themed world and probably going back to the first round to check out some side games.

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