Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Miss Redmer and the No Good, Terrible, Awful Day

It couldn't have been a nicer day when I finally emerged this morning after finishing Princess of the Midnight Ball. Ran The First Easter Rabbit as I ate breakfast and got organized. The second of three Rankin-Bass Easter specials (and the only one done in 2-D animation) is basically a cross between Frosty the Snowman and The Velveteen Rabbit. Stuffy was once Glinda's favorite toy, until she came down with scarlet fever and he was tossed out to be burned. A kind fairy rescued him from the fire and turned him into a real rabbit. He's now the Easter Bunny, spring symbol to kids everywhere...if he can get past Zero, who wants to keep winter going!

Headed out to get my laundry done around quarter after 11...then went right back. I'd forgotten my money. Thankfully, when I did finally get my laundry in a washer, I had no trouble. I saw maybe three people the entire hour. Good thing, because I had a fair-sized load, including towels and the bath mat. I worked on story ideas and ignored soap operas.

There was a message on my phone when I got home. It was the Acme. Could I come in from 4 to 8:30? One of the late-shift teen cashiers called out. I didn't want to. I hate cashiering. I panic...and they know it. They told me to think it over. I put the laundry away...then called them back and said I'd do it. It doesn't matter what I want. What I want is irreverent. What matters is what my wallet wants. I need money.

I decided to try to write and eat tomato rotini soup for lunch while I did so. That was a big mistake. I knocked the bowl over, spilling soup all over the carpet and all over me. And of course, I just did the damn laundry. (Thankfully, the bowl was nowhere near my laptop when it happened.) By the time I finished sopping up the mess, I was no longer in the mood for writing. I looked over Pinterest and shut down.

Tried to cheer myself up by baking Chocolate Chip Muffins for lunch. Ran two Three Stooges mystery-themed shorts as I worked. The boys are asking "Who Done It?" when a wealthy man goes missing. His niece first tries to poison them...but Shemp is the only one who gets knocked out. When Shemp awakens, they have to avoid the crazy goon the kidnappers send after them.

A kidnapping is also at the heart of "Dopey Dicks." This time, it's the beautiful blond who vanishes after she shows up in a detective's office, claiming she's being followed. The Stooges aren't detectives, but they opt to help her anyway. They seriously regret it when they discover a pair of mad scientists first want her brain for their mechanical man...then theirs.

After all that fuss, work wasn't that big of a deal. It was steady when I came in. Once rush hour ended, so did our customers. I spent a lot of that last hour and a half standing around, working on story ideas. The manager had no cause to worry about survey scores going down because I got upset (which he kept rambling about when I talked to him on the phone earlier). If anything, the customers were far more supportive and understanding than the managers.

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