Saturday, March 25, 2017

Little Springtime Showers

It was just cloudy and damp when I woke up this morning. Did a quick round of Max & Ruby while eating breakfast. "Ruby's Easter Bonnet" is a confection of flowers, ribbons, and a water can that it's creator hope will win the Bunny Scouts Bonnet competition. Max just wants his froggy buddy to jump for him. Ruby and Louise are having fun coloring eggs. Her brother would rather use them to lead "Max's Easter Parade." "Max the Easter Bunny" keeps hiding the eggs his sister and the Bunny Scouts find. They think they're finding a ton of eggs, but they're really finding the same eggs!

Work wasn't too bad when I came in. I spent the first half of my shift bagging and gathering trash. Ended up in the register for a manager at one point as well. I'm glad I got outside when it got busy later in the afternoon. While still cloudy, it had also gotten warm, windy, and humid, too warm to be inside! After I finished, I quickly bought a container of Breyers cherry vanilla ice cream (they were on sale, and I love their cherry vanilla) before heading home.

(Oh, and I got my schedule this morning. Slightly later hours on Thursday; slightly earlier hours next Saturday. Otherwise, everything is the same, including my days off.)

I had just gotten out of the shower and started writing when the rain began. Spent the rest of the afternoon writing as a nice, steady shower fell outside. Leia and Rusty Arlington manage to knock out several of Vader's guards before they can go after the Crimson Hawk and his mentor. It's clearly a different man insulting Vader on the top of the ancient stone fortress, not at all the Crimson Hawk who kissed Leia at the ball.

Broke for a quick Italian chicken skillet dinner (made even quicker with canned chicken) and chocolate cake with ice cream around 6:30. Finished out Max & Ruby while eating. Ruby is upset when she loses her tooth in "Ruby's Tooth." She won't let Max have his muffin until they find it! "Ruby Scores" against Roger when she and Louise practice soccer kicks with him, despite the interference of Max's toy robots. They're "Getting Crabby at the Beach" when Ruby wants to build a sandcastle...and Max would rather watch his new crab friend.

Finished out the night with last year's PBS version of Anne of Green Gables. We pretty much get a condensed version of the first half of the book. Anne (Ella Ballentine) is an orphan who is accidentally sent to sensible Marilla (Sara Botsford) and her soft-spoken brother Mathew (Martin Sheen) in place of the boy they originally wanted. They finally agree to keep the girl while finding her a better family. Anne, however, proceeds to become a staple of the community and their lives, making friends with Diana Barry (Julie Lalonde) and taking care of Matthew when he's ill. When they do finally find her a family, will they send her away...or will she really become Anne of Green Gables?

I really wish they'd at least extended this to two hours. Maybe I'm just spoiled by the 80's miniseries that was able to include far more, including seeing Anne grow up. As it is, it's all right, particularly Botsford's sensible but loving Marilla. Not the best version of this story, but far from the worst - not a bad way to introduce younger kids who couldn't sit through the entire miniseries to Anne's world.

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