Friday, June 04, 2021

Caught In the Rain

Began a sunny morning with breakfast and To Tell the Truth. Orson Bean joined Bill, Peggy, and Kitty to figure out which of three Jewish teens sued a state-owned chair lift after it got stuck and she had to go get help. Bill and I went with sarcastic number #1; the others chose shy #3. No one said #2, the funniest and most straightforward of the girls...and yeah, it was her. The second contestant was a man who was captured by a native tribe in Borneo and forced to marry the Chief's daughter. I said sturdy #3; everyone else said #1. This time, they were right. It was handsome, strapping #1.

Headed out shortly after that. Work went pretty well, other than I got mixed up and went in for the wrong cashier for their lunch. The manager wasn't happy, and I was very embarrassed. It was off-and-on steady, though never really that overwhelming. Thankfully, not only did I have a relief this time, but they were a little bit early.

Not happy with my schedule next week at all. I did ask for Friday off due to another dental appointment, and I got Saturday off, too. Friday is also the first day I have off! Not only do I have to work more than a week without a break, but it's mostly 7 and 8 hour shifts, too. I'd be more thrilled with the extra hours if they'd spread out my days off. They did it this week, too. I wish someone understood how tiring it is. 

Heavy dark clouds moved in as I did my grocery shopping. Found jars of raspberry and mango fruit spread, honey, and the low-salt Jif Natural Honey peanut butter on the clearance shelves. Picked up a small bowl of shrimp for dinner tonight and a bag of low-salt chips and ground turkey to make nachos later in the week. Had good online coupons for Edy's Ice Cream and brown sugar. Restocked cereal, mandarin oranges, milk, blueberries, strawberries, bananas, and asparagus. 

The rain subsided as I walked out the door. I thought it would be all right for me to ride home. The nice weather lasted for all of three minutes. I hadn't even gotten off the Black Horse Pike when the sky opened up and it poured like crazy. I tried hiding under tiny trees off the ramp into Oaklyn, but they did nothing to shield me from the lashing wind and buckets of rain. I and my groceries ended up getting drenched.

It slowed down briefly...but that was enough to allow me to get into Oaklyn. They weren't doing any better than I was. Rode through a huge puddle turning off the ramp and onto Kendall. The train underpass was so badly flooded, cops had it blocked off and weren't letting anyone go through. Newton Road near the library was flooded, too. I tried to go through there, but first it started raining again and I hid under the overhanging roof on Suburban Lumber, then I realized all the cars were parked too far on the driveways for me to get around them. I had to take the White Horse Pike home.

Thankfully, Hillcrest is on high ground and was perfectly fine. I changed into dry clothes the second I got inside, then hung everything up to dry and put my sodden groceries away. Watched Match Game '78 while having shrimp and asparagus for dinner. Debralee Scott isn't thrilled about having to help a young man with an interesting Afro with "__ Condition" on the Head-to-Head. Later, we see how close David Doyle and Brett Somers were when they happily trade several jokes together.

Went into writing after I ate. Jack Narz the Fish Footman and Tom Kennedy the Frog Footman accept each other's invitations to the Queen of Hearts' croquet game, but they bump heads when they do. Brett thinks they're so funny, she ducks into the bushes to hide her giggles. When she comes out, Jack's the only one left. He steadfastly refuses to go in the house, ignoring the dishes flying out. Brett's not one for ignoring things and she has to find her sons. She ignores Jack and goes in.

Finished the night with a couple of shows on Paramount Plus, starting with a Season 4 episode of The Love Boat. It's "Two for Julie" when the beautiful cruise ship activities organizer is pursued by a pair of toy engineers, to the annoyance of their boss (Don Ameche). Captain Stubling's "Aunt Hilly" (Olivia DeHaviland) and her husband (Joseph Cotten) want to send Vicki to boarding school in Switzerland, to his consternation. Doc ends up in "The Duel" after a master fencer (Alejandro Rey) catches him with his wife (Linda Cristal). 

Oscar Madison (Jack Klugman) is also having relative problems on The Odd Couple. He and Blanche and Felix and his estranged wife Gloria have to become "The Odd Couples" again when Oscar's mother visits. He hasn't told her they've divorced yet, but she finds out during the course of the night anyway. 

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