Tuesday, June 08, 2021

Dodging the Storms

Kicked off a quick morning with breakfast and Doc McStuffins. Lambie wants to be "Top Lamb" when Doc gets a shiny new pink kitchen set. She can't resist trying the stove before everyone else, but accidentally rips her paw and breaks the stove using it. Doc explains why it's better to wait for a grown-up's help and not mess around with things like ovens on your own. "Molly Molly Mouthful" loves it when people flip flapjacks into her wide mouth. Unfortunately, she tends to talk quite a bit while she eats. This leads to a flapjack getting stuck in her mouth, and to Doc having to explain why not talking with your mouth full isn't just good manners. It keeps you from choking, too. 

Rushed off to work after that. We weren't bad in the morning, when it was still hot and hazy. Things picked up later in the afternoon as the wind rose and heavy dark clouds moved in. It showered lightly while I gathered carts, but not enough to make me more than a little damp. While I did have more help later, I also ended up in the register at least three times when we didn't have enough people up front. 

Thank heavens I got a lot luckier with the weather this time. When I rode home, it was just cloudy, windy, and much cooler. The heavier thunderstorm didn't arrive until long after I'd changed and gone online. 

Worked on writing while the storm raged outside. Lee Merriweather the Cheshire Catwoman tells Brett her sons Adam and David went to the Mad Tea Party in search of her and their father. She also warns her to be leery of the Red Knight, who was brainwashed into the Red King's loyal servant, and of the Mad Hatter, who isn't himself and hasn't been acting as mad as usual...

Broke for dinner at 6:30. Watched Match Game '76 as I had pan-fried almond-crusted flounder and steamed asparagus. Charles is quite happy when he gets the Audience Match for "Wax ___" and the contestants call on him, rather than Richard. There's also the strange answers to what Michelangelo makes his sculptures out of, especially Patti Deustch's! 

Match Game PM jumped ahead last week to 1979. Comedian Richard Paul, future Even Stevens mom Donna Pescow, and lanky Lou Grant reporter Daryl Anderson join the regulars and Patti to help Gene with an especially jumpy gentleman. Patti's not thrilled when she's the one who has to answer the Head-to-Head "__ Zoo."

Sale of the Century finished out 1988 with another really close game. Everyone won or bought something, and once again, no one was ever far ahead. This time, the one guy jumped ahead in the Speed Round. He too had problems with the Bonus Round, though.

Finished out the night online with Rose Marie. I go into the 1954 version of this venerable operetta featuring Howard Keel as the Mountie who tries to get his woman at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

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