Saturday, August 07, 2021

Summer Winds

Kicked off the morning with oatmeal for breakfast and Hogan's Heroes. Things get hairy fast when the Gestopo captures Carter, Newkirk, and LeBeau while on a mission. Hogan and Kinch convince Schultz to pull off "The Great Impersonation" and play Klink in order to release them.

Rushed to work shortly after the episode ended. Once again, we were busy all day...but this time, I had a lot more help. After the teen girl arrived and took over the inside work, I spent the rest of the day pushing carts and rounding up trash and recycling. The night bagger and a teen boy came out to help with the carts during the last hour. I was in and out with no trouble whatsoever. 

The day started out sunny, hot, and humid, then cooled off considerably after clouds and a strong, fresh wind moved in. I really appreciated that chilly wind. It made doing the carts a pleasure, despite the air remaining heavy and humid. 

Threw on more Hogan's when I got home and had a snack, and then later during dinner after messing around with the laptop. (I tried to work on my story and was just too tired.) Normally, a POW camp would be the last place anyone would think of operating "The Pizza Parlor," but Hogan's trying to convince an Italian officer (Hans Conried) to join their side. He literally gets London to call a guy's family pizza parlor in Newark for their recipe.

Hogan's frustrated when Klink's new ultra-efficient second-in-command doubles security. London wants him and his men to relocate an anti-aircraft battery. It turns into "The 43rd - A Moving Story" when the guys try to think of ways to get that battery past the Germans and the Major's strict rules.

Finished out the night on Disney Plus with The Cheetah Girls. I go further into the story of four teen girls who run into more than a few bumps on the road to stardom at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog.

Oh, and the night bagger told me the rain would arrive around 10. He was an hour off. It didn't really start coming down here until closer to 11:30-almost midnight. It's showering at a fairly good clip now and sounds very soothing on my roof. 

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