Thursday, August 05, 2021

Summertime, and the Livin' Is Easy

Began the morning with breakfast and Blockbusters. Came in just as a solo gentleman easily finished off a pair of sisters. He had a harder time with the Gold Run round. It started well at first...but he kept missing the questions on the last line. They'd just started with a look-a-like pair of fireman brothers as the show ended. 

Switched to Hogan's Heroes as I finished eating and did the dishes. "It Takes a Thief...Sometimes" to figure out that the underground agents Hogan and LeBeau pledged aid to turn out to be Gestopo agents in disguise. The Frenchman and the American flyer have to do some quick thinking and a little misdirection to keep the agents from finding their operations.

Headed out for a stroll after I finished. My first stop was Dollar General. Used up the last of my chocolate chips on the peanut butter cookies the other day; finished off my laundry detergent on Monday. Both, as well as honey, are cheaper here; also grabbed a bottle of water and my favorite pecan roll.

It was much too nice to go straight home. The day practically cried out for a long walk in Newton Lake Park. The weather couldn't be more perfect for early August, sunny, breezy, and in the mid-80's. Not too hot and not too cold, as a customer put it earlier in the week. Soft winds rippled across the glassy green lake and ruffled glossy leaves on the shore. Tiny flowers dotted the green and brown grass like stars shooting across the night sky. Big pink and white hibiscus perfumed the air. 

There's a lesser-known path that goes the other way down Beechwood, beyond the houses. It's just a dirt path, and barely that in some spots, but despite the houses bordering it the heavy trees and earth scents give it a delightfully primitive air. I passed a frustrated fisherman who complained of not making any catches and a man on a bike, but saw no one else during my walk, not even children at the playground. 

After I got home, I had lunch while watching more Hogan's. Klink's old school friend Stofle turns up gloating because he's now a general. If that's not enough, Hogan and his boys aren't saying "Hello, Zolle" when a nosy Gestopo officer follows him, determined to figure out what's going on in the camp. Hogan and the boys have to figure out how to get them both away from the camp. 

Went down for a nap after lunch. I'm still really tired. It's just been one thing on top of another since last spring, and Lauren's insisted on remaining awake later to make up for us not seeing each other in over a year. I was so tired, I forgot about putting water on for iced tea until it set off the smoke alarm. (Thank goodness no harm was done. The kettle's fine, the stove's fine, I boiled it right a bit later, and Jodie's still out of town and didn't hear or smell it.)

Came out for a snack about half-way through Tattletales. Long-married comedian Scoey Mitchilll and his pretty and funny wife Claire were by far the big winners, over Bill Macy and his then-girlfriend Samantha and William Gray Espy and Janice Lynde. The Whammies reappeared after vanishing for the past few episodes of Press Your Luck. They really slammed the champ, including on his very last turn. The other guy did get hit with a Whammy, but he regrouped long enough to pick up a trip to Las Vegas and a telescope, among other prizes.

Moved on to writing after the show ended. Brett catches The Red Knight - aka her kind-of-ex husband Jack Klugman - spying on the group from the bushes. His boss the Red King ordered him to hide and keep an eye on Richard for use in some scheme. Brett tries to get his plans out of him. Not only does he still regard her as his prisoner, but there's a part of her that still has feelings for him...and he seems to be interested in her, too...

Broke for dinner at 6:30...but went down to West Clinton Avenue to eat instead of sitting in front of the TV. I'm tired of sitting around at home. I've done that since I moved last August. It's not even my finances anymore. I've either been too busy or too tired or both. Not to mention, I'm trying to avoid eating a ton of junk food dinners...and most of the restaurants here don't exactly sell healthy meals. 

I did treat myself to a grilled chicken club sandwich from Phillies Phatties. It was delicious, too, with lots of big grilled chicken chunks and tomato and shredded lettuce. Bit surprised West Clinton wasn't busier, especially at dinner time. There were a few families gathered around the Puddin' Palace and Phillies Yummies and I heard a burst of laughter from Tonewood Brewery, but there were no kids on bikes or chatting adult couples milling around. I guess a lot of people went to the Shore once the weather got really nice.

Sandy, one of the neighbors who attended the party on Saturday, said she left her sunglasses in Jodie's side of the house and had a difficult time driving without them. I let her in through my side of the house to quickly pick them up and head out.

Came home in time for Sale of the Century. No clue why Buzzr skipped to the end of the current champ's run, when he'd picked up every prize on the board but the 10,000 dollars. He bought two of the three Instant Bargains, and even with the other man picking up two out of three Fame Games, still steamrolled over the other two in the Speed Round. He finally opted to return the next day to win the 50,000 and all the prizes they had.

After discovering the movie I originally planned to review tonight isn't available online in its entirety, I went with the somewhat similar Calendar Girl. I go further into this sweet low-budget nostalgic comedy from Republic at my Musical Dreams Movie Reviews blog. 

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